SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's environment ministry said on Tuesday it had fined two local truck makers a total of at least 38 million yuan ($5.84 million) for manufacturing vehicles that do not meet pollution standards and for engaging in emissions fraud.
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2018-01-09 01:58:45
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SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China firms accused of violating environmental regulations paid fines totaling 1.02 billion yuan ($154 million) in the first 10 months of 2017, up 48 percent from a year earlier, the environment ministry said on Wednesday.
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2017-12-05 21:11:34
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BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China will strive to comply fully with its own air quality standards by 2035, the country's environment minister said on Monday, adding that the long and difficult battle against pollution would eventually benefit the economy.
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2017-10-23 04:57:22