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Taking the government’s own low-carbon lender out of the state sector is only likely to make it more risk-averse and less effectiveDavid Cameron likes to boast that his coalition government was the first in the world to create a green investment bank to accelerate investment in new energy infrastructure
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-06-24 18:05:01
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LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union is collectively on track to achieve its goal of sourcing a fifth of its energy from renewables by 2020, although Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are lagging behind other states, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-06-16 10:20:54
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LONDON (Reuters) - Renewable power was the fastest growing form of energy last year, with a record 6 percent of global power generation, in a year when energy consumption slowed sharply worldwide, BP said in an authoritative review.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-06-10 09:18:38
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The architect of the Government’s much-criticised household energy efficiency scheme has blamed the Big Six electricity providers for its failure.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-06-06 16:38:46
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Spending on energy efficiency and the clean-up of Britain’s old nuclear reactors is set be significantly reduced as part of the Government’s austerity drive.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-06-06 16:38:41
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The high seas should be given a seat at the United Nations to help to deal with issues such as piracy, overfishing and oil exploration outside national waters, according to a former Commander-in-Chief Fleet of the Royal Navy.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-06-06 15:35:59
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Britain’s new nuclear power stations and other energy infrastructure projects must be designed to look beautiful to garner essential public support, the Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has said.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-06-05 14:03:51
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LISBON (Reuters) - Global sustainable fishery policies could raise profits in the sector by $51 billion a year, boost the numbers of fish in the oceans and provide more food for the world's people, research showed on Thursday.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-06-04 08:57:13
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. regulators on Friday unveiled much-anticipated targets for the blending of renewable fuels into motor fuel for the three years to 2016, proposing some 17.4 billion gallons of renewable fuels must be used in gasoline or diesel next year.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-05-29 09:28:57
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From small islands to towns and cities, here are the climate trail blazers showing the way to an energy future that does not run on coal, oil and gasWith global demand for energy continuing to rise and fossil fuel production buoyed by $5.3tn (£3.4tn) in tax-payer subsidies annually, it is easy to lose hope that cleaner forms of energy will ever catch up
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-05-20 04:10:09
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The first drilling rig was met by a flotilla. On kayaks and other improvised rafts, hundreds of protesters took to the waters of Elliot Bay to oppose Royal Dutch Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-05-17 13:54:13
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ADDIS ABABA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ethiopia plans to begin exporting renewable energy to a broader range of neighboring nations by 2018 as part of a cross-border effort to meet regional energy demand and limit increases in climate-changing emissions.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-05-13 07:01:06
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BEIJING (Reuters) - China must abandon its policy of paying high prices to farmers for grains if it is to create a sustainable farm sector, said the director of Washington-based think-tank the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-05-08 05:53:11
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The fertility of the world’s soil is reaching a peak that will threaten global food supplies this century unless more is done to preserve the long-term viability of existing farmland, according to a group of leading scientists.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-05-07 13:57:04
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A total of 11 dams are planned along the Mekong, storing up trouble for millions of people, the world’s largest inland fishery and critically endangered speciesIn a remote part of northern Laos, history is being made. Construction has begun on the final stage of the $3.5bn Xayaburi dam – the first dam to span the entire mainstem of the lower Mekong River
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-05-06 09:54:31