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For more than a century, hundreds of thousands of historical artifacts dating back to before the founding of Rome have been stored in crates in the Capitoline Museums of Rome, where they have remained mostly untouched. Now, the City of Rome; the Capitoline Museums, the first public museum in the world; and Enel Green Power North America, a leading renewable energy company; have started a project
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2014-09-16 13:41:50
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany switched on Europe's largest commercial battery plant on Tuesday, an installation powered by 25,600 lithium-ion batteries that will help stabilize the region's growing supply of renewable energy.
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2014-09-16 13:38:16
TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Kansas officials are in Topeka this week to hear and see the latest developments in the energy industry. The Kansas Energy Conference kicked off Tuesday at the Capitol Plaza Hotel highlighting the latest developments in the renewable energy industry.
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2014-09-16 13:37:09
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THE ATTRACTIVENESS of the UK market for investment in renewable energy has ranked at a five-year low in a new report from professional services firm EY. The UK slipped to seventh place in the latest quarterly Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index ...
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2014-09-16 19:37:25
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Over the last week, news headlines in the UK and abroad have been dominated by the referendum on Scottish independence scheduled for this Thursday. If voters choose to leave the UK, Scotland would likely see renewable energy investment drop due to ...
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2014-09-16 18:23:06
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 This marks a major milestone in the Company's growth, having started in 2008 in California with the idea to bring small-scale renewable energy to a worldwide, mass market. The Company manufactures its signature product, the SolarMill® which is a ...
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2014-09-16 09:03:08
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In his breakdown of the renewable electricity generation projections in the document, Adebisi said renewable energy is expected to contribute about 1.3 per cent of Nigeria's energy mix by 2015, while generation growths of eight per cent and 16 per cent were ...
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2014-09-15 22:00:50
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has dropped a place to a five-year low ranking among the world's most attractive renewable energy markets, after changing the way it subsidises renewable power, a quarterly ranking from accountants Ernst & Young (E&Y) [ERNY.UL] showed on Tuesday.
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2014-09-15 19:23:09
LONDON, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Synopsis The future of human civilization is slowly but surely moving towards renewable energy. The existing reserves and undiscovered sources of fossil fuels and other combustible or radioactive minerals will eventually be exhausted or become too...
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2014-09-15 12:56:05
The cities of the future are envisioned as green oases powered by clean, renewable energy. A joint Chinese-Singaporean project hopes to provide a case study for just such cities. Binhai Eco City is designed to be an example of how cities can be completely green developments... Continue Reading Binhai Eco City aims to be a case study for green urban planning Section: Architecture Tags: China
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2014-09-15 12:40:43
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Mr Cant believed the project would contribute to the changing face of Whyalla and go a long way towards "putting Whyalla on the map" for renewable energy. Mr Cant mentioned Whyalla City Council elected member Eddie Hughes' vision from 12 years ago ...
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2014-09-14 23:41:20
These 'liable parties' are required to meet a share of the renewable energy target in proportion to their share of the national wholesale electricity market. Liable parties must prove that they have purchased the relevant proportion of renewable energy by ...
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2014-09-14 13:01:29
A manager of a renewable energy firm has quit after making derogatory remarks about gay men, lesbians and "spastics".
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2014-09-13 21:51:25
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The first renewable energy scheme in Scotland to draw heat from a river is set to be installed by the University of Glasgow in a bid to lower the university's heating bill by one-quarter.
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2014-09-13 21:50:51
Kolkata: India Power Corporation Ltd is augmenting its renewable power procurement plans to meet the mandatory Renewable & Cogeneration Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets as part of its green sustainability goal.
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2014-09-13 14:36:31