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CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Green energy is cheap in the long run and clean compared to "dirty" coal and costly nuclear power, a senior German energy official said on the sidelines of a Cape Town conference, at a time when South Africa plans to expand atomic power generation.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-10-05 13:28:05
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Join an expert panel on Thursday 8 October, 1-3pm BST, to discuss how to encourage innovation to improve energy access and sustainability“I was told it could be a little better than an incandescent bulb, but that was about it,” said General Electric engineer Ed Hammer, who invented the spiral compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) in the mid-70s
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2015-10-01 10:18:59
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Despite the well publicised differences between Turnbull and his immediate predecessor, Australia does not have a new government. But if Labor plays its cards right for the next 12 months, it actually could“Your father is glued to the television,” my mother emailed me from Sydney. “He’s so excited to be in Australia during the change
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2015-09-23 01:12:13
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In Las Cruces, New Mexico, a pilot project is using heat-loving algae to clean wastewater and generate energy
The sulphurous springs of Yellowstone national park are scalding, tainted with heavy metals and acidic enough to eat through clothing. But their murky depths are also home to an algae that scientists claim could one day help provide cleaner, healthier water around the world
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2015-08-28 01:00:06
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama, fresh from vacation and nine rounds of golf on Martha’s Vineyard, is launching into a busy two weeks promoting renewable energy and his nuclear deal with Iran.
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2015-08-24 14:22:13
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain and Germany will line up on opposite sides of a European Union green energy debate starting next month on how to meet agreed renewable energy targets for the next decade.

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2015-08-19 11:16:20
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In Dakar, an Uber-like SMS service has reduced the cost of emptying pit latrines by nearly half – and now customers can sell their waste to be turned into energy Related: Secret aid worker: I'm a sanitation specialist but I'm squeamish about poo On a stormy day in Dakar, Tina Gomis, a local woman in Sicap Mbao, laughs at the idea of selling her own excrement to the government
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2015-08-12 04:49:18
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Fossil fuel divestment campaigners still have work to do, meeting held by Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts is told. Climate News Network reportsThere’s sobering news for campaigners trying to persuade investors to withdraw their funds from the fossil fuel industry: UK experts say their efforts are unlikely to achieve enough quickly enough
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2015-07-29 09:30:10
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PARIS (Reuters) - The French government is considering a reform of the tax levied on power bills to fund renewable energy that would see it extended to natural gas and road fuels, a source close to the matter said on Sunday.
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2015-07-26 09:41:38
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Powered by the sun, this low cost three-bedroom house is the first in the country to produce and sell more energy than it uses Britain’s first low cost ‘energy positive’ house, which can generate more electricity than its occupants will use, opens on Thursday despite George Osborne axing plans to make housebuilders meet tough low carbon housing targets from next year
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2015-07-16 00:00:01
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Students and staff at the University of Warwick (UoW) have been celebrating the success of a two-year long campaign which called for the institution to stop investing in coal, oil and gas.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-07-09 08:12:13
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Country takes row over subsidies to European court of justice amid concerns UK project could distort energy marketAustria has filed a legal challenge at the European court of justice against EU-granted state subsidies for a new nuclear power plant in Britain, government officials have said.“Subsidies are there to support modern technologies that lie in the general interest of all EU member states
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2015-07-06 08:56:59
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Taking the government’s own low-carbon lender out of the state sector is only likely to make it more risk-averse and less effectiveDavid Cameron likes to boast that his coalition government was the first in the world to create a green investment bank to accelerate investment in new energy infrastructure
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2015-06-24 18:05:01
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LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union is collectively on track to achieve its goal of sourcing a fifth of its energy from renewables by 2020, although Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are lagging behind other states, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-06-16 10:20:54
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LONDON (Reuters) - Renewable power was the fastest growing form of energy last year, with a record 6 percent of global power generation, in a year when energy consumption slowed sharply worldwide, BP said in an authoritative review.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-06-10 09:18:38