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Shares in Greek renewable energy firm ELTECH Anemos dropped on their first day of trading on the Athens Stock Exchange on Tuesday, as traders said its initial public offering price was seen as expensive.
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2014-07-22 05:21:59
CARACAS, Venezuela – Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Sunday, July 20, in Venezuela, the third leg of a Latin American tour aimed at bolstering trade with the region and sealing energy deals. The Chinese leader's charm offensive, which has already taken him to Brazil and Argentina and will next bring
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2014-07-20 19:11:41
TerraForm Power Inc., a business to own and operate solar farms built by SunEdison Inc., surged as much as 37 percent in its initial public offering today.
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2014-07-18 11:39:02
Stock in SunEdison's solar power unit was sold today at an IPO price of $25 a share.
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2014-07-18 10:30:00
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China expanded its trade partnership with Brazil on Thursday with $7.5 billion in financing for Brazilian miner Vale, the purchase of 60 passenger jets from planemaker Embraer and renewed commitment to invest in infrastructure. In a raft of energy, finance and industry accords signed before presidents Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff, the two nations agreed to team up to build railways to help
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2014-07-17 14:53:17
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Two Australian states have this week issued warnings concerning potential dangers posed by ethanol fueled fireplaces, following a number of serious burn injuries sustained this winter. Both the Queensland and New South Wales Departments of Fair Trading ...
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2014-07-17 00:47:49
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RenewableUK, the UK wind farm trade body, said the industry welcomed any studies that improved safety standards but questioned the reliability of the sources in Mr Rein's research. The trade body suggested that it showed a lack of understanding of ...
UKFinancial Times via Google News
2014-07-16 21:36:37
Was the United States wrong in imposing anti dumping duties on China-made solar modules? Yes, said the World Trade Organisation on Tuesday. This will have an echo in India, where dom...
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2014-07-16 11:35:48
GUELPH, Ontario, July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Canadian Solar Inc. (the "Company", or "Canadian Solar") (CSIQ), one of the world's largest solar power companies, today released this statement on behalf of Thomas Koerner, General Manager of the Company's America's division, in response to the World Trade Organizations ("WTO's") ruling against the United States' imposition of import duties against
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2014-07-16 06:00:00
Two US senators have urged federal regulators to investigate allegations made by a biofuel trade group that the oil industry uses 'strong-arm tactics' to block the extensive use of higher blends of ethanol in petrol. A report produced by the Renewable Fuels Association argues that major oil
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2014-07-16 05:29:01
Analysis undertaken by the Solar Trade Association shows that solar power will match onshore wind on price by around 2017/18. Mr Barwellsaid: “Solar could one day in the future meet a third of UK electricity needs from south-facing roofs and facades alone.
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2014-07-15 03:49:24
It appears millions of attempts by hackers to steal trade secrets of biofuel company Algenol won't be stopping any time soon. Algenol — a company perfecting the refinement of algae into clean fuel and located in San Carlos Park off Alico Road in Lee County ...
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2014-07-15 02:45:19
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July 15 (DZH AAFN) -- Shares of Plug Power Inc (NASDAQ:PLUG), a provider of alternative energy techn...
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2014-07-14 19:13:11
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An Iowa Supreme Court ruling may spur the growth of solar energy in the state, accord to an industry group.
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2014-07-14 13:09:11
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... in ib vogt's biggest UK solar park. UK solar installation rates to fall 'drastically' The UK's Renewable Energy Association (REA) says the latest fast-track review of solar feed-in tariffs in the UK could have been avoided had the industry been listened to.
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2014-07-14 11:05:54