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Monday, November 9th, 2015      Leave a Comment
Prof John Schellnhuber says that if countries implement their pledges made for Paris climate summit it will give huge boost to wind, tidal and solar powerCatastrophic global warming can be avoided with a deal at a crunch UN climate change summit in Paris this December because “ultimately nothing can compete with renewables”, according to one of the world’s most influential climate scientists
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2015-11-09 07:06:25
Monday, September 21st, 2015      Leave a Comment
Nuclear power may be necessary to limit climate change, but this is the wrong nuclear optionThe case for decarbonising power supplies in order to limit climate change is now beyond challenge. The best way of doing it is as contentious as ever. Every option – carbon capture and storage to reduce coal-fired power stations’ emissions, expanding wind and solar power, developing other renewables such as tidal power, cutting consumption and bringing new nuclear capacity on stream – each has its own daunting problems, although some look a lot cheaper to fix than others
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2015-09-21 13:47:25
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Critics have dubbed it Britain’s ‘pottiest’ renewable energy plan, but supporters of the controversial tidal lagoon project say it can revitalise the area Tyrone O’Sullivan is not an obvious evangelist for the vast Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project, lauded by its developers as world leading but dismissed by one critic as Britain’s “pottiest ever” renewable energy project
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2015-09-02 13:16:36
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UK-designed turbines aim to harness tidal energy to produce cheaper electricity − without endangering marine life, reports Climate News NetworkA British company has announced plans for an array of unique marine turbines that can operate in shallower and slower-moving water than current designs.Kepler Energy, whose technology is being developed by Oxford University’s department of engineering science, says the turbines will in time produce electricity more cheaply than off-shore wind farms
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2015-08-07 08:56:06
Sunday, June 14th, 2015      Leave a Comment
Lawyers are looking into awarding of £300m sea wall project to China Harbour Engineering Company after complaint from Belgian contractorA £300m contract with a Chinese company to build a sea wall for the government’s flagship renewable energy project at Swansea Bay has been called into question amid allegations that it may have been awarded improperly
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2015-06-14 18:00:13
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Realisation of ambitious £1bn construction project, subject of vocal and high-profile opposition, will depend on subsidies from governmentThe energy and climate change secretary has given planning permission to one of the most ambitious and potentially expensive “green” energy schemes ever seen in Britain
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2015-06-09 07:22:29
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You quote Tidal Lagoon Power, the company led by Mark Shorrock, as saying both “judge us on our record to date” and “no decisions have been taken” to source materials from Cornwall (Cornish up in arms over Swansea’s tidal power project, 1 June). Earlier this year Mr Shorrock visited Cornwall to “explain” that his company was applying for planning permission (since granted) to reopen Dean quarry, as a “super-quarry”, extracting 1
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2015-06-04 12:56:08