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Developers behind plans for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay say they want to build more in the Severn Estuary and off the north Wales coast.
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2015-03-02 02:52:02
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Details unveiled of proposed 14-mile seawall as part of Government-backed plans for tidal power schemes around the UK
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2015-03-02 13:32:00
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At this rate the whole Welsh coast looks set to become one giant tidal power station.
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2015-03-02 11:36:33
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Company begins approval process for project that could power 1.5m homes in Wales, but concerns remain over enormity of scale and high electricity costs The company planning to build a series of massive tidal lagoons in the UK claim their project can generate electricity that will be competitive with offshore wind and nuclear power
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-03-02 11:20:12
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A £10 MILLION international contest to build Scotland's first commercial wave or tidal energy system is dead in the water after industry insiders admitted none of the competitors is capable of winning it.
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2015-02-27 18:59:44
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Technologies to harness wave and tidal power have been under development for over 40 years, but up until quite recently the center of technology development has been in Europe, where the resource intensity is greater than the United States’ coasts. However, in an effort to nurture the country’s sector, the U
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2015-02-25 09:30:32
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Two new reports into the wave and tidal energy sectors have concluded that a unified vision and sustained financial support is needed by UK governments in order to develop fully-commercialised industries.
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2015-02-25 05:56:08
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Help is urgently needed from the London and Edinburgh governments if the UK is to maintain its global lead in wind and wave energy and create 20,000 jobs, according to a new study.
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2015-02-24 18:54:48
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Electricity from world-first tidal lagoon would be more expensive than that from any other major UK green energy project to date, consumer charity warns
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2015-02-21 12:52:55
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Britain’s coast is way more than cold beaches and crisp-stealing seagulls. It also boasts some of the highest tidal ranges in the world, measuring between 23 to 40 feet. Twice a day, like clockwork, the moon’s gravity makes the seas ebb and flow. All that moving water is also a huge reservoir of reliable, renewable, and carbon-free electricity
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2015-02-12 09:00:07
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Watch Video | Listen to the Audio RELATED LINKS Burlington is first U.S. city to hit 100 percent renewable energy Tidal Project Signals New Shift in Clean Energy: Water Power How an EPA plan to cut carbon emissions is playing out in coal-rich Wyoming JUDY WOODRUFF: The topic of energy often fuels political debate
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2015-02-11 19:15:23
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FIRST Tech, the investment business owned by oil and gas multi-millionaire Ian Suttie, grew profits by around a third in its latest financial year and looks to have increased its investment in the emerging tidal energy industry.
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2015-02-05 19:01:50
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There is a full moon in Leo on Tuesday, February 3, which is the same day the tidal power of Aquarius reaches its peak. This day is commonly known as Candlemass, or Groundhog Day, and it's a time to do things differently. Work to break away from monotony by the ... More »
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2015-02-02 08:39:44
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As an industrial powerhouse and the world’s largest energy consumer, China is fortunate to have abundant coal and hydropower resources. However, to meet demand in the east and south of the country, planners continue to seek new ways to generate local energy. In addition, plans call for development that reduces the use of fossil fuels as a way to also reduce air pollution
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2015-01-13 08:39:37
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January 12, 2015 Energy Department Announces $8 Million to Develop Advanced Components for Wave, Tidal, and Current Energy Systems The Energy Department today announced $8 million in available funding to spur innovation in next-generation marine and hydrokinetic control and component technologies. In the United States, waves, tides, and ocean currents represent a largely untapped renewable
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2015-01-12 11:22:11