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Yusef Armodeli, managing director of the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran said in October that Iran is planning to produce 5,000 megawatts of electricity in the next five years using renewable energy sources. The organization has comprehensive plans ...
AzerbaijanTrend.az via Google News
2014-11-22 06:30:41
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While far from enough, with this leadership commitment, it is apparent that changing to renewable energy sources would minimize our reliance on fossil fuels, the largest catalyst accelerating climate change. Research indicates that already America's solar ...
USAJournal Times via Google News
2014-11-22 14:19:53
Steam rises from cooling towers at the Junliangcheng power station in Tianjin, China. In his agreement last week with President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping committed to cap carbon emissions by 2030 and turn to renewable sources for 20 percent of the country’s energy.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-20 19:33:49
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... chief executive officer of GE's renewable energy business. "Through continued technology investment and collaboration with global developers like Energiekontor, wind will continue advancing as a competitive source of renewable energy around the world.
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2014-11-20 19:31:26
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He said these renewable energy projects, which tap wind as an energy source are not just environmentally-sound but a cost effective way of helping ease the enormous burden the Philippines faces in its power requirements as an emerging economy.
PhilippinesPhilippine Information Agency via Google News
2014-11-20 18:48:49
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Solar is a terrible alternative-energy source for transportation — bad news for any country that is as geographically dispersed as the U.S. Yet solar is useful for generating electricity. A new residential solar-photovoltaic system providing 12,000 kilowatt-hours ...
USAOrlando Sentinel via Google News
2014-11-20 18:31:16
Biodiesel Tax Credit – The biodiesel tax credit is worthy of extension given the many benefits it provides, including support for jobs, economic development in rural communities, diversity in our energy and fuel sources, and reduction in greenhouse gas ...
USAKMA Radio via Google News
2014-11-20 17:19:55
As the power source of the future, hydrogen andoxygen are combined in the fuel cell to form pure water. Energy is released in this "cold combustion" process – drive energy for an electric motor that turns with zero emissions. The front wheel drive Golf ...
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2014-11-20 15:22:51
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It is widely known that among all the sources of alternative energy, the one with the greatest potential is solar. How could it be otherwise? Staggering amounts of solar radiation strike the Earth each day; the only trick is capturing more of them. In a new report, ...
USAWashington Post (blog) via Google News
2014-11-20 10:51:09
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Despite recent seismic events related to drilling for geothermal power sources, a new study has concluded that Switzerland should continue to pursue geothermal energy as part of its future strategy. The study from the Centre for Technology Assessment ...
Switzerlandswissinfo.ch via Google News
2014-11-20 09:52:37
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Portugal has a population of just 11 million people but it is punching above its weight in renewable energy industries.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-20 01:00:26
The report focuses on the growing competition from renewable energy sources, which is edging out nuclear power. The Fukushima disaster compelled many countries to revoke nuclear development plans and opt for renewable power technologies like wind ...
AustraliaWhaTech via Google News
2014-11-19 23:49:54
BioClear™, the first and only vinyl stripping product in the world made from renewable plant sources using BIO5.0v™ formula. Sustainable and eco-friendly, BioClear™ vinyl stripping is proudly certified by the USDA BioPreferred® Program and manufactured in the USA (PRWeb November 19, 2014) Read the full story at http://www
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2014-11-19 19:26:18
Green Products -  Save Money & Energy
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EL CERRITO -- The City Council is enthusiastically embracing a plan that would allow electricity customers to choose how much of their power they would receive from renewable sources.
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2014-11-19 18:01:04
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Microsoft made the pledge, as did Google. Amazon took a bit longer to crunch the numbers, but it's ready to bite the bullet and begin reducing its reliance on coal, oil, and gas energy sources.
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2014-11-19 17:23:22