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A plan by BNDES, Brazil's state development bank, and a pool of commercial banks to lend an additional 6.5 billion reais ($2.9 billion) in emergency credit should help electricity distributors cope with higher power costs amid a drought, the president of industry watchdog Aneel said on Tuesday. Reuters reported on Monday that BNDES, the main source of long-term corporate credit in Brazil, would
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2014-07-22 07:36:48
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During the past few years, there have been news articles hyping the use of a device called a hydrogen fuel cell as a power source for automobiles. It's reportedly an alternative to the gasoline engine that uses electromechanical reaction of combining oxygen, ...
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2014-07-22 00:12:03
Renewable energy sources now account for 16.28% of total installed U.S. operating generating capacity: water - 8.57%, wind - 5.26%, biomass - 1.37%, solar - 0.75%, and geothermal steam - 0.33%. This is up from 14.76% two years earlier (i.e., June 30, ...
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2014-07-21 12:31:17
Most of the renewable energy projects proposed are hydroelectric, Mr. Montenegro noted. Hydro plants provide half of Mindanao's power supply, which yesterday was put at 1,273 MW against an estimated 1,326-MW peak demand, leaving the island with a ...
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2014-07-21 10:30:15
KUCHING: As the palm oil industry in Sarawak continues to be an important contributor to the state’s economic growth, the industry can also be an added source of energy for the state, says Sarawak Oil Palm Plantation Owners Association (Soppoa).
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2014-07-20 18:03:30
Hong Kong biodiesel makers are urging the government to regulate cheaper imports that they say are derived from less sustainable sources. The local firms welcome the government's plan to study the viability of greater adoption of biodiesel, including ...
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2014-07-20 14:23:30
The Illinois wind farm is on the same grid that runs the Chicago data center office for Microsoft and will be able to provide clean energy as early as next year, the source reported. "The energy generated at Pilot Hill is 'additional', which means that our purchase is bringing new ... The transmission connections from wind power reach major cities such as Chicago, Springfield, Bloomington, Joliet and Champaign-Urbana
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2014-07-20 14:12:32
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California and Texas continue to break new ground in making electricity generation from renewable sources, writes Mike G. Solar PV in particular has become a vital part of the US' energy mix, accounting for half of new generation capacity. In California, May ...
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2014-07-20 08:07:55
It's important for the government of Guam to do much more to reduce its use of oil-powered electricity by incorporating alternative energy sources for its facilities, and more government of Guam agencies should follow in the footsteps of the University of Guam and Guam ... And earlier this month, the Guam Power Authority announced the Roof Top Solar pilot project, a new pilot program with Guam Community College and a third-party developer that would add 1 to 3 megawatts of renewable energy the power grid
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2014-07-19 12:14:21
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Mark Chamberlain, sales manager at Hallmark Power, said an increasing range of businesses believed wind power was a suitable energy source for their business needs and their green credentials. “Tregida has an excellent business model which is further ...
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2014-07-18 11:53:58
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Epitomized as a clean, sustainable, and pollution-free technology, wind energy has finally come of age, and is poised to proliferate into a global source of renewable energy for the future generation. The percentage contribution of electricity supplied from the ...
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2014-07-18 09:20:15
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Geothermal energy, the productive use of the vast quantity of thermal energy within Earth's crust, is one of the few renewable, low-carbon emission energy sources that can consistently generate power 24-hours a day, regardless of the season. Its primary ...
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2014-07-17 17:51:08
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By Paul J. Nyden If renewable energy sources begin to produce a higher percentage of energy in West Virginia, new jobs would be created, and health conditions, particularly in poor and black neighborhoods, would improve, according to a new report from the state chapter of the NAACP. The organization released "Just Energy Policies: Reducing Pollution and Creating Jobs in West Virginia" - at a
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2014-07-17 16:47:57
One source of atmospheric ozone is due to ethanol being mixed with gasoline as a renewable fuel. A December 14, 2009, report by Stanford University researchers “Ethanol results in higher ozone concentrations than gasoline” shows vehicles running on ...
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2014-07-17 09:16:41
The amount of electricity generated from renewable sources has doubled since 2010. A report released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) assesses the investment in UK energy and the progress being made.
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2014-07-17 06:25:44