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Government has been promoting the use of cleaner fuels and renewable energy for over a decade, in an effort to reduce reliance on fossil based fuels. The National Energy Policy (2003) as a result called for the sustainable energy production and use of ...
SwazilandThe Swazi Observer via Google News
2014-10-19 20:08:26
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A crack in the ground at the Holuhraun eruption site. Photo: Geir Ólafsson. “The results of the study show that two to six months prior to the quakes changes in the groundwater emerged, such that the proportion of local precipitation water in the geothermal water increased.
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2014-10-19 05:03:38
Early results from the Alternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions (ACCESS II) experiment confirm that blended biofuel is the cleaner-burning fuel. “Our findings show we definitely see a 50 percent reduction in soot emissions from the DC-8 ...
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2014-10-15 14:14:32
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A poll run on Solar Power Portal in the build up to Solar Energy UK posed the question: To what extend do you agree with the following statement? 'Current installer standards agencies are supporting the progression of the UK solar PV industry'. The results ...
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2014-10-15 07:16:22
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( Umea University ) Swedish and Chinese researchers show how a unique nano-alloy composed of palladium nano-islands embedded in tungsten nanoparticles creates a new type of catalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction, the most important reaction in hydrogen fuel cells. Their results are published in the scientific journal Nature Communications
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2014-10-14 12:30:35
The changes to the EIA's finished balance came about as a result of the decline in MTBE and the rise in ethanol, as the oxygenate of choice. We have compiled a total gasoline balance, but one that also separates the major sources of gasoline supply, namely ...
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2014-10-14 06:06:12
'With PowerUp services, our customers are generating more output, resulting in more wind power on to the grid and increasing the operators' profitability,' said Anne McEntee , president and CEO of GE's renewable energy business. ' E.ON's results validate ...
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2014-10-13 19:45:48
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Dumaguete City – A portion of concrete road leading to the geothermal power plants in Valencia, Negros Oriental slipped Friday morning. Other land slips or landslides reported in the area were a result of continuous rains for the past week or so. The road and landslips were located at Sitio Ticala, Barangay Caidocan in Valencia
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2014-10-12 10:50:29
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UK air navigation services provider NATS and radar manufacturer Terma have trialled the latter's Scanter system to analyse its performance as an extended range wind turbine mitigation system. This single radar will be able to provide surveillance functions to ... The initial results of the trials showed that apart from mitigating the effects of wind turbines, the radar will also be able to detect aircraft through wind farm locations even beyond the range of 40nm
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2014-10-10 03:48:02
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U.S. corn producers started ramping up ethanol production in 2007 as a result of President George W. Bush's Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), which mandated an increase in the volume of renewable fuel to be blended into transportation fuel from 9 billion ...
AustraliaThe Mercury via Google News
2014-10-09 16:08:00
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In 2010-2012 we had multiple stories of investors fearing hyperinflation as well as the onset of 'peak oil'. This resulted in investors leasing and even building storage for oil on which they could trade derivatives in a drive to gain from future expectations.
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2014-10-09 14:08:27
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"We are pleased to partner with successful wind power companies who share our commitment to safety, efficiency and environmental stewardship." Duke Energy Renewable Services is an organization resulting from Duke Energy's 2012 acquisition of ...
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2014-10-08 09:24:36
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With a simple mutation, yeast can grow in higher than normal temperatures. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology demonstrate this in an article published in the scientific journal Science. The findings may result in ethanol being more effectively ...
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2014-10-08 04:35:19
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Brilliant shades of blue and aqua coat the iridescent lips of giant clams, but these shiny cells aren't just for show, new research finds. The iridescent sheen directs beams of sunlight into the interior of the clam, providing light for algae housed inside In a symbiotic return, the algae use that sunlight to power photosynthesis , resulting in energy for the giant clam
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2014-10-05 07:27:35
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Wyoming's current - and surely temporary - prosperity, in terms of state revenues, is the result of our eager willingness to profit from the sale of fossil fuels, e.g. coal, oil, natural gas, coalbed methane. (We lead all 50 U.S. states in the production of coal.).
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2014-10-04 10:54:01