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The Church of England’s Shrinking the Footprint campaign is encouraging dioceses, cathedrals and parishes to reduce energy bills and lower carbon emissions through practical steps, from installing energy-efficient lightbulbs to switching to renewable energy (Blessed be the solar roof installers, Letters, 17 May)
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2016-05-18 12:54:58
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday published the first U.S. regulations to reduce methane emissions from new or modified oil and gas facilities, one of the key remaining pieces of the Obama administration's climate change strategy.
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2016-05-12 11:55:00
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The Paris agreement was a breakthrough, but it is up to all of us to act as guardians of these new standards – and of our futureLast December, world leaders convened in Paris in an extraordinary effort to find a global solution for reducing destructive carbon emissions – the indisputable driver of climate change – and to prevent our planet from a destructive 2C increase in global temperatures
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2016-04-22 01:00:20
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UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - There are concerns at the United Nations about apparent attempts inside the United States to "sabotage" President Barack Obama's commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the head of the U.N. General Assembly said on Wednesday.
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2016-04-20 19:46:32
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Figures show bank cut investments by 70% in oil and gas firms in 2015 and doubled UK green energy loans to £1bn a yearRoyal Bank of Scotland has reduced its global lending to oil and gas companies and doubled its green energy loans in the UK to £1bn a year, according to new figures released to the Guardian
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2016-04-17 07:44:44
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TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.1 percent to a three-year low in the fiscal year ended March 2015, due to reduced power demand and growing use of renewables, revised government figures showed on Friday.
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2016-04-14 19:33:57
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Yale Environment 360: Surprising new statistics show that the world economy is expanding while global carbon emissions remain at the same level. Is it possible that the elusive ‘decoupling’ of emissions and economic growth could be happening?The statistic is startling. In the past two years, the global economy has grown by 6
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2016-04-14 09:04:05
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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a plan for reducing greenhouse gases and increasing energy efficiency to benefit the economy.
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2016-04-10 08:21:12
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BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Reducing food waste around the world would help curb emissions of planet-warming gases, lessening some of the impacts of climate change such as more extreme weather and rising seas, scientists said on Thursday.
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2016-04-07 07:25:57
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BEIJING (Reuters) - China plans to set up a market for renewable energy certificates to try to increase the use of cleaner energy as the world's largest greenhouse gas producer tries to reduce its reliance on coal.
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2016-03-03 05:32:15
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A Filipino social enterprise is bringing cheap solar lighting to more than 20 countries helping improve safety, reduce air pollution and cut energy costsEvery day at around 6pm, 40 families living in a remote corner of Andhra Pradesh in southeast India – a 6km walk from the nearest road – would be swallowed by darkness
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2016-03-01 05:05:55
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SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore on Monday announced it had begun to feed solar power into its retail electric grid for the first time, as it seeks to reduce emissions and prepares to fully liberalize its electricity market.
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2016-02-29 04:33:51
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In Paris last year 195 countries committed cutting emissions and reducing global warming. Join a panel on Thursday 4 February to discuss making these a reality
On Wednesday the United Nations urged global business leaders to double investment in wind and solar energy to $600bn (£400bn) a year by 2020
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2016-01-28 09:03:25
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(Reuters) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday announced the approval of a 10-year, $5 billion Clean Energy Fund to invest in reducing emissions and promoting the use of renewable energy in the state.

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2016-01-22 03:56:21
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a big victory for the Obama administration, a U.S. federal court on Thursday rejected a bid by 27 states to block its Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of its strategy to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions from power plants.
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2016-01-21 17:45:36