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WARSAW (Reuters) - The European Commission's proposal to attach emissions limits to subsidies paid to utilities that set aside capacity to avert blackouts would be hasty and bad for the environment, Poland's energy ministry said.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-11-30 08:06:33
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission unveiled a reform of Europe's power grid after 2020 on Wednesday, proposing to cut energy waste, better integrate renewables and phase out subsidies for coal-fired electricity generation.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-11-30 05:06:01
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government on Wednesday proposed a 33 percent increase in its budget for renewable energy projects in 2017, as it attempts to catch up after lagging on its 2020 emission reduction targets.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-11-30 03:36:08
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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - The Swedish government proposes to effectively abolish a newly introduced tax on solar energy after heavy criticism from environmental experts and the opposition, the country's finance minister said on Monday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-11-21 08:01:52
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Investment fund would help wave and tidal power to provide a tenth of the bloc’s power by 2050The EU is proposing to spend hundreds of millions of euros to help the budding ocean energy industry to provide a tenth of the bloc’s power by 2050.
The boost would take the form of a €250m investment fund, with an additional €70m set aside for insurance, loans and guarantees, according to the roadmap for channelling the potential of wave and tidal energy
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-11-09 05:51:48
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The Coalition prepares to bring registered organisations bill to crack down on unions while the windfarm commissioner will appear before Senate estimates. As it happened 8.05am BST Estimates will continue into the evening, until 11pm. So let’s wrap for today: 8.00am BST The lively day in Canberra is powering right through to close of business
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-10-17 02:06:52
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A prototype system of dams and turbines in Swansea Bay could provide Britain with a major zero-carbon source of powerBackers of an ambitious proposal to transform the UK’s power supply will learn in the next few weeks if they are to be given the go-ahead to build tidal lagoons to generate electricity
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-10-08 13:28:34
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CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday proposed tweaks to its Renewable Fuel Standard that would allow biofuels to be processed at more than one location and would allow cellulosic ethanol to be made from poplar and willow trees.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-10-03 18:20:37
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WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - Aboriginal tribes from Canada and the northern United States signed a treaty on Thursday to jointly fight proposals to build more pipelines to carry crude from Alberta's oil sands, saying further development would damage the environment.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-09-22 16:32:25
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Number of new local renewable energy schemes has crashed from 76 last year after government slashed support for wind and solarThe number of new community-owned renewable energy projects of the sort backed by Jeremy Corbyn this week has plummeted after a series of government decisions have made many proposals for wind and solar farms no longer viable
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-09-12 06:00:28
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Xenophon says party to oppose $1.3bn cut to Arena and suggests changes to allow agency to recoup some funds or take equity in projects it invests inNick Xenophon has revealed his party will oppose cuts to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) and propose amendments to allow the agency to recoup some funds or take equity in projects it invests in
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-09-09 02:05:26
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Steve Emsley is wrong when he compares tidal lagoons with Hinkley and asks why tidal energy is not even being discussed (Letters, 17 August). The latest estimated cost of the lagoon proposed for Swansea Bay is £1.3bn. Hinkley would produce 65 times as much electricity, all day, every day – true “baseload”
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-08-17 12:35:18
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Body says, with government reviewing £18.5bn project, benefits of renewables such as offshore wind should be looked atThe crown estate has waded into the battle over Hinkley Point, pointing out that offshore windfarms are already being built at cheaper prices than the proposed atomic reactors for Somerset
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-08-14 08:38:46
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Club succeeds with an appeal to stop planning permission for the west London project that would power 600 homes A proposed small hydropower project in west London has received a further setback, as court judges allowed an appeal by a club owned by Shell against the granting of planning permission to the site
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-08-12 06:51:39
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Trident Winds proposes to install 765 megawatts’ worth of giant turbines on buoyant platforms in California, which could power more than 200,000 homesThe deep waters off the coast of California could become home to the country’s largest offshore wind energy project and a test case for a technology that is still in its infancy
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-07-31 08:30:04