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MANILA, Philippines–State-run Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) has reduced the selling price of the 218-megawatt Angat hydroelectric power plant in Bulacan to $439 million. PSALM president and CEO Emmanuel Ledesma ...
PhilippinesInquirer.net via Google News
2014-08-29 12:30:25
PARIS, Aug 29 (Reuters) - European spot power prices edged down on Friday on forecasts for a small drop in electricity consumption in Germany and France by Monday and a small rise in solar power production. German day-ahead baseload for Monday ...
USAaf.reuters.com via Google News
2014-08-29 08:55:27
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Solar power was forecast to remain below average, while a number of coal-plant outages limited supply further amid a return to normal demand levels following the end of the summer holidays across the regions, with French prices also recovering from ...
USAPlatts via Google News
2014-08-29 07:25:54
Ecuity claims 5.3 million hydrogen fuel cell smart power systems could be fitted at UK households, equivalent to 5GW of new generation capacity – or 14 new natural gas power plants. A new report funded by the fuel cell industry claims that over five million ...
UKSolar Power Portal via Google News
2014-08-29 05:54:50
In the US, nearby corn futures have seen new contract lows, with low prices benefitting end-users like ethanol producers, causing unusually high margins. With the big crop looming, new crop carry-out is expected to increase but low prices will encourage ...
Biobased Digest via Google News
2014-08-28 21:11:23
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By all outward indications, Valero Energy stock should be tearing it up this year. The company has improved the operational efficiency of its ethanol facilities, efforts that are now doubling the benefits of healthy selling prices caused by weak industrywide ...
USANasdaq via Google News
2014-08-28 14:04:10
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Getting the private investment will be critical – hundreds of millions of private dollars must be raised to build a modern utility-scale wind farm. The total has recently averaged $15 billion a year. Electrons from wind may be cheap once the turbines are up, but to ...
USAcleantechnica.com via Google News
2014-08-28 13:37:01
See why the Toyota hydrogen fuel-cell sedan could target the Model S, and how the electric-car maker's battery "Gigafactory" could get prices down to $100 per kilowatt-hour. Meanwhile, the internal-combustion car still has some life in it, according to a survey ...
USAGreen Car Reports via Google News
2014-08-28 10:34:07
Honda is also expected to launch a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle somewhat after Toyota. In addition to a model name--expect a new nameplate, just as Prius was new for Toyota's first hybrid car--the sale price will be one of the most closely ...
USAGreen Car Reports via Google News
2014-08-28 08:01:07
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THE price of renewable energy certificates would collapse and the value of the large-scale renewable energy sector would be "destroyed'' under the more drastic proposal contained in the review of the Renewable Energy Target, which is due to be released ...
AustraliaNorth Queensland Register via Google News
2014-08-28 02:38:03
Falling solar system and battery prices combined with electric vehicles' rise may soon send internal combustion engines to the junk yard, analysts say.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-08-27 17:29:37
Falling solar and battery prices combined with electric vehicles' rise may soon send internal combustion engines to the junk yard, some say.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-08-27 17:28:04
In terms of ethanol itself, and I've said this before but I couldn't be more proud than I am to be in this industry. It's an industry that's important to our country in many, many different ways. First thing and most obvious thing is it lowers the price of gas. We are ...
USASeeking Alpha via Google News
2014-08-27 16:42:42
Strong reductions of ethanol inventory levels were reported at the end of last week. Latest date released from the EIA focused on reduced production and stock levels while overall demand increased. Firm support is expected to continue through the Labor Day holiday, helping to support price levels.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-08-27 15:50:59
Furthermore, ample supplies of sunflower oil are also weighing on palm oil prices, as is the disappointing demand from biodiesel groups, which have been encouraged through mandates in the likes of Indonesia and Malaysia to consume more of the ...
USAc.moreover.com via Google News
2014-08-27 10:39:08