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Many people would disagree with the approved wind farm in Grand Valley but I for one agree with it. First of all, the wind turbines take the wind and turn it into energy that can be used to heat your home in the winter or to turn the lights on when it's dark.
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2014-10-30 09:30:12
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The $7-million renovation project received $6.2-million in donations. The redesigned, expanded facility includes a kitchen, laundry room, women's only section, and geothermal heating. The Gathering Place makes lunch for an average of 126 people per day, ...
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2014-10-30 08:48:23
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With help from Scotlands marine power expertise, Chile may be on course for a dramatic reversal in its energy fortunes
Historically, Chile has imported the majority of its energy at great cost to its poorest citizens. Chileans in remote communities which rely on diesel generators for their electricity supply pay more than twice the amount per kilowatt hour than people do in the UK
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2014-10-29 02:00:05
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That project was first announced in 2009. The company said the $300 million plant would eventually employ 70-80 people and produce up to 19 million gallons of ethanol from green and wood wastes. Site development was completed in June 2011, but there ...
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2014-10-27 14:43:07
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The ethanol in today's gas also stiffens rubber and plastic parts and coats linkages. Some people have success adding fuel stabilizer to gas-some are designed to counteract ethanol's effects-and storing it that way. For the most assurance, add the proper ...
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2014-10-25 15:11:16
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CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — Now that U.P. residents will be footing the bill for the Presque Isle Power Plant, many people are looking to other sources, such as solar power, for their energy needs. If you're thinking about going solar, but don't know much about ...
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2014-10-24 18:17:07
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Listen to the Story. All Things Considered. 3 min 54 sec. Playlist; Download. Wind power is a growing part of the energy mix in the United States. And more wind turbines means there are new jobs for people to install and repair them. The job requires a unique ...
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2014-10-24 15:42:59
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At last months Peoples Climate March, among the most popular signs were ones supporting renewable energy like wind and solar as the best way to avoid a climate catastrophe. And because of the urgency of the situation, its easy to think that we should be ...
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2014-10-23 22:43:40
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The annual Iowa Climate Statement, an overview of the impact of climate change on Iowa and its people, was endorsed by over 100 professors from 38 Iowa colleges.
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2014-10-23 00:17:01
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One of this year's P3 winners is focused on small-scale biodiesel production issues, while another winner is working to improve algae growth for advanced biofuel production. Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts won a P3 award for its small-scale, ...
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2014-10-22 19:31:45
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MANILA, Philippines – Long before "sustainable natural resource management" became a byword, the Maeng tribe in Tubo, Abra already observed kaynga , their term for taking care of nature along with people. Their indigenous resource management system, practiced since the time of their ancestors, already included sustainable methods of
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2014-10-22 05:19:13
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In a new study, scientists have found that natural gas alone was not enough to slow the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Because natural gas emits half the carbon dioxide of coal, many people hoped the recent natural gas boom could help slow climate change.
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2014-10-20 12:10:46
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The man at the helm of the alternative energy company who has been in the renewable energy industry since studying at the College of Arts, Science and Technology before later doing several short courses overseas, said in a bid to get people to not only buy ...
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2014-10-19 06:25:50
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Tweet Many people ask if the imminent peak oil story is not correct then when will we pay less at the gasoline pump ? The average price of gasoline in the United States will soon be below $3 per gallon. This seems likely to hold for the next several years.
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2014-10-18 10:31:23
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People around the world are trapped by a "toxic triangle" of fossil fuel companies, investors and governments which is driving climate change, Oxfam has warned.
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2014-10-16 19:02:14