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RAEFORD — North Carolina's only commercial-scale ethanol refinery, shuttered in 2011 just months after preduction began, has been bought by a Virginia company which plans to hire 79 people and invest $36 million into Hoke County and the surrounding ...
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2014-06-02 15:36:04
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royal dutch shell The oil industry used to be a no-brainer investment. There seemed to be an infinite supply of oil, and with more and more people owning cars, demand — and thus oil prices — were rocketing. This meant that oil companies would be booming.
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2014-06-02 12:40:46
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans on Monday to propose a 30 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions from the country's existing power plants by 2030, people briefed on the proposal told Reuters.

UKReuters via Reuters
2014-06-01 18:54:53
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The US government will propose a rule Monday requiring power plants to cut by 30 percent carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 based on 2005 levels, US media reported Sunday. The Wall Street Journal cited people briefed on the rule as saying the Environmental Protection Agency's draft measure was due to be completed within a year
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2014-06-01 17:37:33
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For this week's Awesome Stuff post, we've got three separate projects that have something to do with alternative energy -- some more ambitious and nutty than others. First up, we've got Trinity - The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station. Usually, when people ...
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2014-05-31 11:07:12
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I was dismayed to read Ron O'Connor's opinion piece ("Put a cap on ethanol to benefit people, environment," May 29). He called for a reduction in the 2014 ethanol blending requirement for gasoline from the Environmental Protection Agency. And he called ...
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2014-05-31 00:08:16
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This includes the renewable power group, which invested in or built utility-scale solar and geothermal projects with margins of 15 percent to 20 percent or more, according to a dozen people who worked on them. The group's after-tax profit for 2013 was $27 ...
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2014-05-30 09:06:01
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When someone gets a new rooftop solar installation, the second question they always ask is "how often do I need to clean my solar panels." We'll answer that question on today's show — taking into account the different effects of rain, dust and electric rates (BTW, the first question people always ask is "how do I read my electric bill;" but that's a topic for another show)
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2014-05-30 08:35:25
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The funds support the Kandadji Project and will provide water and irrigation for agriculture, renewable energy, and jobs to benefit the mostly rural people living in the Niger Basin. Today's additional funds (comprising of a credit and grants) will support ...
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2014-05-30 03:07:22
Thursday, May 29th, 2014      Leave a Comment
When the RFS was aggressively expanded in 2007, the policy was imagined as a way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil while improving our environment with the introduction of first-generation biofuels — most notably in the form of corn-based ethanol ...
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2014-05-29 00:03:12
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Puerto Princesa, Palawan — The Aquino government is prepared to hold a dialogue with the people of Palawan on which kind of energy should be used in the province. The President emphasized that the reliable sources of energy for Palawan is “coal or diesel” for now but the government will not impose on the preference of the Palawan residents
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2014-05-28 12:06:18
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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, on Tuesday launched Lighting Papua New Guinea, a project to help half a million people get safe and affordable solar off-grid lighting that will boost business, allow children to study, cut household costs, and help ...
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2014-05-27 22:31:02
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India's new government, led by Narendra Modi, plans to use solar power to bring electricity to the homes of 400 million people who currently do not have access to it. This announcement comes after BJP's historic election win last week by securing clear ...
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2014-05-26 07:27:39
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Apparently the complaints appear to have mostly been due to people being told wind farms are bad for their health - with the vast majority of them coming after 2009 when anti-wind farm groups began adding health to their concerns as part of their opposition.
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2014-05-26 04:33:58
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Anna Chidambar The ongoing European expedition by a group representing Sarawak natives displaced by the hydroelectric dams being built in the state’s interior has damned Norwegian consultancy firm Norconsult for stonewalling them. “Norconsult is willing to drown our people but refuses to meet us,” said Save Rivers chairman Peter Kallang
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2014-05-25 18:10:55