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Environmentally compatible production methods for organic solar cells from novel materials are in the focus of "MatHero". The new project coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) aims at making organic photovoltaics competitive to their inorganic counterparts by enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cells, reducing their production costs and increasing their life-time
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2014-04-16 10:03:40
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Engineers have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently. The researchers have created for the first time compounds made from mixtures of calcium hexaboride, strontium and barium hexaboride. They also have demonstrated that the compounds could be manufactured using a simple, low-cost manufacturing method known as combustion synthesis
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2014-04-16 02:18:12
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(Phys.org) —A new solar material that has the same crystal structure as a mineral first found in the Ural Mountains in 1839 is shooting up the efficiency charts faster than almost anything researchers have seen before—and it is generating optimism that a less expensive way of using sunlight to generate electricity may be in our planet's future
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2014-04-16 08:15:46
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The first solar cell was built by American inventor Charles Fritts in 1883. Since that time harnessing solar power has relied on sunlight hitting solar panels which then converted it into power. When sunlight cannot heat the panels, very little power is produced.
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2014-04-15 19:12:08
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Engineers have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently.
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2014-04-15 18:03:26
A team of Chinese scientists did an impossible-sounding thing. They created electricity simply by dragging a droplet of saltwater across a layer of graphene. No big fires, no greenhouse gases, no fuss. They created energy with just a miracle material and one of the most plentiful substances on Earth
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2014-04-15 10:33:38
Researchers at the NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre and the IdAB-Institute of Agrobiotechnology have conducted a study into genetically modified tobacco plants from which it is possible to produce between 20 and 40 per cent more ethanol; this would increase their viability as a raw material for producing biofuels
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2014-04-15 03:15:46
Scientists at MIT and Harvard say they have developed a material that can produce solar power for times when the sun is not shining. The material absorbs the sun's heat, stores that energy in chemical form and can release it on demand, according to ...
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2014-04-14 19:32:57
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As a part of JST's problem-solving oriented basic research program, the research group led by the principal researcher Hideki Abe and the senior researcher Naoto Umezawa at the NIMS's Environmental Remediation Materials Unit discovered a new photocatalyst, Sn3O4, which facilitates the production of hydrogen fuel out of water using sunlight as an energy source
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2014-04-14 11:14:41
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It's an obvious truism, but one that may soon be outdated: The problem with solar power is that sometimes the sun doesn't shine. Now a team at MIT and Harvard University has come up with an ingenious workaround — a material that can absorb the sun's ...
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2014-04-14 08:38:10
US Navy scientists have developed a radical new technique to convert seawater into jet fuel. After decades of experiments, researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) Materials Science and Technology Division have found a way to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the ocean and convert the mixture into liquid hydrocarbon fuel
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2014-04-12 06:05:27
(Phys.org) —Carbon dioxide is both a culprit in global warming and also responsible for keeping the Earth warm enough to support life as we know it. It is odorless and colorless, often represented by a smokestack plume trailing into the sky, signifying pollution and greenhouse gases. That plume is actually water vapor, which together with carbon dioxide and nitrogen makes up the majority of the
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2014-04-10 08:43:39
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José Marques, CEO of IncBio says: 'Using our multi-feedstock technology, industrial units are able to convert a wide range of raw materials into high quality biodiesel, exceeding the strict standards of EN14214 and ASTM D6751. This includes crude vegetable ...
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2014-04-09 04:31:16
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The Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp. has applied for a $50,000 grant from the USDA to study whether the ethanol plant could host a facility that would convert organic wastes from a variety of sources into useful materials. The EDC expects the ...
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2014-04-08 21:19:21
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Navy researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division, demonstrated proof-of-concept of novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) from seawater and conversion to a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.
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2014-04-07 09:03:40