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For all those who say this is but a “compliance” car, Toyota observes it began work on hydrogen fuel cells 22 years ago, five years before the 1997 launch of the first Prius in Japan, before California's current Zero Emission Vehicle mandates to which EVs now ...
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2014-11-27 14:29:45
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No one knows exactly how this will pan out next year, but with the continued bounty of black gold that frackers keep pumping out, an increase in average fuel economies for new cars and trucks, and the slow but steady rollout of electric cars, the biofuel ...
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2014-11-26 08:51:29
Top on the agenda for the BiofuelsWorld track are sessions on Pertamina's view on 'Meeting the Mandate for Biodiesel Blended Fuels in Indonesia' and another on 'Indonesia Petroleum (Gasoline & Diesel) Markets – Drivers for the Biofuels Mandate' by ... key market perspective of Philippines will be shared by Ethanol Producers Association of the Philippines (EPAP) while Scientific Council of Petrovietnam Research and Development Center for Petroleum Processing will deliver Vietnam's biofuel market outlook
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2014-11-25 20:16:09
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In another sign that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is broken beyond repair, the Environmental Protection Association (EPA) announced that it would not be promulgating its 2014 ethanol volumes. EPA is mandated by law to set ...
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2014-11-25 14:52:41
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it will delay the 2014 ethanol volume mandate, a move that will continue to affect commodities costs. The announcement was greeted with strong opposition from restaurant industry organizations.
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2014-11-25 01:42:11
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A legislative panel reviewing Ohio's renewable energy law while state mandates are on a two-year hiatus is kicking off with testimony from the state's top utility regulator. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Chairman Tom Johnson ...
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2014-11-24 02:56:46
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The battle between the Renewable Fuels industry and oil industry over how much ethanol must be blended has been brought to center stage by the U.S. government's inability to set the RFS mandates. The EPA has decided to postpone the 2014 standards for ...
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2014-11-22 12:33:36
WASHINGTON – Ethanol and other biofuel groups declared victory Friday, as the federal agency in charge of telling refiners how much renewable fuel must be blended into the gasoline supply announced another delay setting targets for 2014.
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2014-11-21 20:41:52
WASHINGTON – Ethanol and other biofuel groups declared victory Friday, as the federal agency in charge of telling refiners how much renewable fuel must be blended into the gasoline supply announced another delay setting targets for 2014.
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2014-11-21 18:13:32
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8 The regulator delayed a final decision on a rule that mandates how much of the biofuel refiners must blend into gasoline supplies. A decision was due by the end of the year, but the EPA said it will come in 2015 instead. Currently, refiners don't have to ...
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2014-11-21 17:41:09
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Ethanol makers had criticized the agency’s proposed limits on how much biofuel must be blended into motor fuels.
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2014-11-21 13:19:47
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The City Council approved an ordinance, in concept, that would mandate labels on fuel dispensing facilities, including biodiesel and electric fueling stations, advising consumers of the link between driving, CO2 emissions and climate change
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2014-11-19 14:05:58
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Most of the ethanol is made from corn, and this artificially raises the cost for drivers because ethanol is less efficient than gasoline and ultimately costs more. Ethanol has also been shown to be harmful to smaller engines. Most important, the mandate drives up ...
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2014-11-17 00:51:51
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TORONTO—The case of Gore Bay dentist Dr. Bill Studzienny was presented before his peers at a November 7 disciplinary hearing of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in Toronto after being charged with professional misconduct for refusing to serve supporters of wind turbine projects on Manitoulin Island
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2014-11-12 07:08:35
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This is why governments subsidise crop insurance and futures exchanges have existed for more than a century. But risks to food supplies are changing. A growing world population, rising incomes, shifting consumption habits, biofuel mandates and global ...
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2014-11-09 14:17:05