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“The ethanol plant has the capacity to produce 18 megawatts (MW) of power. However, the output is dependent on how much ethanol we produce. As we are only producing ethanol to satisfy the mandate of E15 (15% ethanol, 85% unleaded) the plant ...
USANewsday via Google News
2014-10-21 22:01:29
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Another bit of fallout from the diving demand for gasoline is just about to hit the front pages. U.S. ethanol producer are approaching the so-called “blend wall,” a term that describes a situation where the 10% blend of ethanol with gasoline reaches its mandated ...
USA24/7 Wall St. via Google News
2014-10-19 07:46:08
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Policies vary significantly from one country to another: for example, Italy's biofuel targets are only 3.5% while in France they are 7%. Bain & Company concludes in its report – 'Biofuels: From boom to bust?' – that Europe lacks enough sustainable farmland to meet the 10% mandate from the EC directive via domestic supply singularly, and locally producing biodiesel costs US$ 344/ m3 more than buying diesel in the local market
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2014-10-17 03:20:48
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Poll finds majority back renewable energy mandates, willing to pay more Poll finds majority back renewable energy mandates, willing to pay more
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2014-10-15 20:02:12
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At a time when the U.S. biodiesel industry is struggling with the lapsed federal tax credit, a long-overdue RFS biodiesel volume mandate for this year and falling diesel prices, biodiesel producers—particularly the small-scale, community-based plants—have ...
USABiodiesel Magazine (blog) via Google News
2014-10-15 12:04:43
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The blend wall refers to the point when the Renewable Fuel Standard will require ethanol to be blended into gasoline at levels higher than the 10 percent level that dominates pumps at U.S. gas stations. A small minority of stations can sell fuel with higher ...
USAThomson Reuters Foundation via Google News
2014-10-14 19:37:49
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Refiners implore Pres. Obama to remain firm on plans to scale back renewable fuel quotas for 2014, warning that if the administration gives in to Corn Belt demands for higher mandates, it could cause gasoline prices to spike. The EPA last year proposed cutting the amount of renewable fuel required for 2014 to 15
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-10-14 18:19:31
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The Renewable Fuel Standard is our nation's most successful energy policy in the past 40 years. Unfortunately, Kenneth Schwarz's Oct. 2 letter, “Time for Congress to repeal ethanol mandate,” perpetuates inaccurate claims about the RFS as well as ethanol ...
USAWatertownDailyTimes.com via Google News
2014-10-14 17:54:20
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Actions are taking place in several states to repeal or significantly alter what are called the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and/or net metering. The former mandates certain amounts of renewable energy be part of the electric mix. It was never the intent ...
USAIntelligent Utility via Google News
2014-10-13 19:10:17
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While Brazilian cars famously run off sugar cane-derived ethanol, the country's airlines rely on traditional Jet A, a few trials of ethanol-kerosene blends by GOL notwithstanding. By mandating ethanol compatibility for local cars, Brazil was exploiting one of its ...
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2014-10-13 09:25:53
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U.S. corn producers started ramping up ethanol production in 2007 as a result of President George W. Bush's Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), which mandated an increase in the volume of renewable fuel to be blended into transportation fuel from 9 billion ...
AustraliaThe Mercury via Google News
2014-10-09 16:08:00
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration's proposed cuts to U.S. biofuel use targets could undermine the White House's plan to tackle climate change, according to two Democrats on the Senate committee that oversees the renewable fuel mandate.

UKReuters via Reuters
2014-10-09 12:34:34
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POET's efforts to curb minimizing the ethanol mandate come after the EPA said that it would propose a requirement between 15 billion to 15.52 billion gallons of renewable fuels, such as biodiesel and corn ethanol, less than the 18.15 billion gallons currently ...
USAWatertown Public Opinion via Google News
2014-10-06 10:22:07
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PlatAmber is used as an additive into road-grade diesel to assist with compliance with the Malaysian Government's B5 mandate, which requires a mixture of 5 percent biofuel in diesel products. The Malaysian Government plans to increase this to a B7 ...
USARTT News via Google News
2014-10-06 02:19:36
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Seven years into the renewable fuel era, the $44 billion ethanol industry is making record profits; corn is plentiful; and idle ethanol plants are beginning to come back online. But ethanol production has done nothing to curb fuel prices at the pump or enhance ...
USAWatertownDailyTimes.com via Google News
2014-10-03 17:41:05