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Parks Canada says it will review the application made by Pic River First Nation to develop a hydroelectric plant in Pukaskwa National Park. The proposal, presented on July 15, is for a hydro facility at Chigamiwinigum Falls on White River, a site located within ...
CanadaCBC.ca via Google News
2014-07-18 15:19:51
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South Carolina environmental groups have reached an agreement with Duke Energy that will pave the way for renewal of Duke’s federal hydroelectric license for the Catawba River.
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2014-07-17 17:37:57
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At 11.2 GW, the $11 billion project is designed to become the third largest hydroelectric facility in the world. According to the website of project developer Norte Energia, 70 percent of the energy from dam complex will go to the captive market and distributors.
Canary Islandsrenewableenergymagazine.com via Google News
2014-07-17 09:32:27
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A recent study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the US Department of Energy found that 61GW of hydroelectric power potential exists at waterways without existing dams or diversion facilities - excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and federally ...
UKInternational Water Power and Dam Construction via Google News
2014-07-15 08:41:48
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TOWNSHEND -- After years of planning and development work, two proposed hydroelectric plants still aren't ready for construction.
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2014-07-15 04:37:12
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Cameroon's government gives Electricite de France ( OTC:ECIFF , OTCPK:ECIFY ) the go-ahead to build an $850M hydroelectricity plant that will enable a five-fold increase in the country’s aluminum production. With barely more than 1K MW electricity output, Cameroon is building several hydro and thermal electricity structures to raise its power production to 3K MW by 2020; plans to improve the
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2014-07-14 10:59:00
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Larry Coben has stood down as a non-executive director of Rurelec (LON:RUR) after becoming non-executive chairman of Rurelec affiliate, Cascade Hydro Power. Cascade Hydro is Rurelec's Peruvian run-of-river hydroelectric power generation company, ...
UKProactive Investors UK via Google News
2014-07-14 09:24:48
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Three service contracts for hydropower project developments had been awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE) to listed firm Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation. “All contracts provide for a two-year pre-development stage,” Trans-Asia has noted in its disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-07-12 11:59:54
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A new study by the Department of energy shows there's great potential for hydroelectric power in the U.S., but the economics of the situation keeps more power from being added. This report from the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) cites work by Oak ...
USADomestic Fuel via Google News
2014-07-11 11:35:28
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... target of generating more than 30 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020, with technologies such as wind, biomass, hydro, wave and tidal playing important roles," said Prasad Tanikella, GlobalData's senior alternative energy analyst.
USAFierce Energy via Google News
2014-07-11 09:34:47
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Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, EIA-860, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Note: Capacity values prior to 1989 are estimates. Existing capacity includes conventional hydroelectric and pumped storage. New stream-reach ...
USAEnergy Collective via Google News
2014-07-11 07:51:45
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While the talk about energy in Hawaii has mostly focused on renewables such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biofuels, the state's largest electric utility still gets the majority of its energy from non-renewable sources such as oil and coal, to the tune of ...
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2014-07-10 20:19:20
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The Bureau of Reclamation has delayed construction of a new hydroelectric generating unit at Black Canyon Diversion Dam because the cost of the project may exceed its benefit. Irrigators in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon hope the power produced ...
USAcapitalpress.com via Google News
2014-07-10 13:30:41
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TANYA NOLAN: Amid the uncertainty around the future of the carbon price and the renewable energy target, clean energy generator Pacific Hydro has announced it will shed a tenth of its workforce, and it hasn't ruled out further cuts. Our environment reporter ...
Australiaabc.net.au via Google News
2014-07-10 11:10:25
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The company is in talks with one of the three players who have been issued a geothermal power production license in India. Pan Global intends to take over development of this project, plus the engineering and preparation of the project plan. From this point ...
USAInvestorIdeas.com (press release) via Google News
2014-07-10 08:21:45