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Now, it finally has landed a new product, one just as niche and high profile: Toyota's new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan. The backlot LFA Works at Toyota's Motomachi assembly plant in Toyota City has been tasked with hand building the limited-run car partly ...
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2014-11-26 23:05:12
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At its meeting on Nov. 13, the Mercer Island School District (MISD) board of directors discussed the progress on a potential community solar project. The idea to put solar panels on the south-facing roof of the Mercer Island High School gym was brought up at ...
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2014-11-26 14:13:08
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Argo spot ethanol trades to a better-than seven-month high as federal data shows inventories fell to a one-month low.
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2014-11-26 13:06:06
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My personal car of tomorrow looks like a 1964 Shelby with hydrogen fuel cells, airless tires, self-driving tech and an exterior grown from seed.
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2014-11-26 12:26:06
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Following ethanol futures backing away from previous highs early in the week, the EIA announcement of lower stocks at the end of last week sparked renewed buyer interest heading into Thanksgiving.
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2014-11-26 15:35:59
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No clucking way. Turkey prices are still higher than average , the American Farm Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics found last week – but don’t blame the Environmental Protection Agency's renewable fuel standard.
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2014-11-26 12:21:27
CHICAGO Nov 26 (Reuters) - U.S. ethanol makers produced a record amount of the biofuel last week, government data showed on Wednesday, as plentiful corn supplies and high ethanol prices resulted in the best profit margins in about six months, traders ...
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2014-11-26 10:16:22
There’s an unusual sight on the roof of Springdale Junior-Senior High School: a 3 1/2-foot-tall wind turbine that helps generate electricity for the school.
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2014-11-25 23:07:33
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Its owners claim that plans by German developer ABO Wind's for Allt Carach wind farm are undermining their efforts. They say the cabins would have prime view of most, if not all, the planned 25 turbines, each over 430ft high. Mike Spencer-Nairn, of Eagle ...
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2014-11-25 21:09:03
Solar Power Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOPW) commonly referred to as SPI Solar (“SPI”) is a vertically-integrated photovoltaic solar developer offering its own brand of high-quality, low-cost distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy facility development ...
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2014-11-25 11:44:56
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MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 25, ordered the "relocation and transfer" of the oil terminals of multinational companies from Pandacan, Manila, resolving an environment and security concern that 3 administrations failed to address over more than a decade. Voting 10-2, the High Court
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2014-11-25 01:14:01
The construction of the West Antelope solar power plant generated over 400 jobs between July and November 2014. Canadian Solar supplied 94,340 high performance CS6X-300/305P Quartech photovoltaic (PV) modules. White Construction was the ...
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2014-11-24 21:55:01
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KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (Might) teamed up with Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC) to organise the first stakeholders’ engagement session, towards expanding the local biomass pallet industry.
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2014-11-24 02:16:54
Costs will have to come down precipitously to make hydrogen fuel cell cars economically feasible. They have been kept high by sophisticated fuel cell membranes, platinum for the catalysts, carbon fiber-reinforced storage tanks and extra batteries. As a result ...
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2014-11-23 23:04:47
The approximately 100-km connection, between high voltage transmission connections on the mainland and the 270-MW Lincolnshire wind farm, has been tendered under a dedicated regulatory regime for offshore transmission networks by OFGEM, the UK ...
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2014-11-23 20:05:02