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Sunday, February 12th, 2017      Leave a Comment
Coalition statements blaming the blackouts that hit South Australia last year on wind power were made despite official advice that storms were the causeMalcolm Turnbull’s decision to link last year’s blackout in South Australia to the state’s high renewable energy target was made directly against confidential public service advice
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2017-02-12 16:30:37
Friday, February 10th, 2017      Leave a Comment
There’s a long list of blame and shame for Australia’s threadbare climate and energy policy, but Turnbull’s party takes the cakeWatching politics builds a high tolerance for hypocrisy and humbug, but even I am aghast at the Coalition’s antics this week – fondling a lump of coal in parliament while accusing the opposition of an “ideological approach to energy” and negligence in policy planning
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2017-02-10 16:50:05
Tuesday, January 31st, 2017      Leave a Comment
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - A government plan to spur the construction of solar energy farms in Brazil is faltering because of high costs, strict rules requiring local components and low-priced competition from Chinese suppliers, say regulators and power sector executives.
UKReuters via Reuters
2017-01-31 17:57:52
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017      Leave a Comment
OSLO (Reuters) - World temperatures hit a record high for the third year in a row in 2016, creeping closer to a ceiling set for global warming with extremes including unprecedented heat in India and ice melt in the Arctic, U.S. government agencies said on Wednesday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2017-01-18 09:34:36
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2016 wasn’t all bad news for the climate, but it was ugly toward the end
This past year had so many stories involving human-caused climate change – it will be forever in our memories. Here is a summary of some of the high points, from my perspective. When I say “high points” I don’t necessarily mean good
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2017-01-02 05:00:23
Thursday, December 22nd, 2016      Leave a Comment
New wind and solar farms, alongside wood burning and nuclear reactors, helped to push low carbon power to a new high in the third quarter of 2016Half of the UK’s electricity came from wind turbines, solar panels, wood burning and nuclear reactors between July and September, in a milestone first.Official figures published on Thursday show low carbon power, which has been supported by the government to meet climate change targets, accounted for 50% of electricity generation in the UK in the third quarter, up from 45
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2016-12-22 09:06:26
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OSLO (Reuters) - World temperatures are likely to dip next year from a sizzling record high in 2016, when man-made global warming was slightly boosted by a natural El Nino event in the Pacific Ocean, scientists said on Tuesday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-12-20 09:16:55
Monday, December 19th, 2016      Leave a Comment
A third unit at Drax’s coal power station will switch to burning wood pellets after commission’s state aid investigation approves financial support The share price of Britain’s biggest power station operator has jumped to a five-month high after the European commission approved subsidies for its conversion to burn wood pellets instead of coal
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-12-19 07:34:05
Monday, December 12th, 2016      Leave a Comment
(Reuters) - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and a group of high-profile executives are investing $1 billion in a fund to spur clean energy technology and address global climate change a year after the Paris climate agreement.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-12-12 19:57:36
Monday, December 12th, 2016      Leave a Comment
Trump is filling his administration with fossil fuel industry puppets; only Ivanka has a chance to preserve the climateThere are signs that a war may be brewing over President-elect Donald Trump’s climate legacy, and the bad guys are winning.
Climate change regulation is seen as an economic tool aimed at moving China’s economy toward the low-carbon, high-tech, and clean energy industries of the future
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2016-12-12 05:00:10
Sunday, December 4th, 2016      Leave a Comment
A technology to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel power plants has struggled to become affordable Donald Trump has tossed around the term “clean coal” in his murky plan to boost jobs in the fossil fuel industry for months now. Most recently in a video in which the president-elect vowed to “cancel job killing restrictions on the production of shale energy and clean coal, creating many millions of high-paying jobs” during his first 100 days in the office
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2016-12-04 11:14:44
Thursday, December 1st, 2016      Leave a Comment
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Retailers have long relied on sales of high-margin winter coats and boots to boost annual profits, but with the season becoming shorter and warmer, U.S. fund managers are shedding department store and apparel stocks, convinced the industry is becoming a victim of climate change.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-12-01 15:31:01
Sunday, November 13th, 2016      Leave a Comment
Hospitality operators are realising sun, wind and water can do more than just attract tourists – they can power the resorts themselves When it comes to the carbon impact of holidays, the focus has long been on the journey, not the destination.
Yet a growing stable of accommodation providers in Australia are on a mission to change that, switching over en masse to renewable energy in a bid to attract eco-conscious holidaymakers
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-11-13 18:36:43
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Sunday, October 16th, 2016      Leave a Comment
OSLO (Reuters) - A pact by almost 200 nations to slash greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners will likely fall short of governments' hopes of averting a full half-degree Celsius (0.9 Fahrenheit) of warming this century, scientists say.
UKReuters via Reuters
2016-10-16 08:32:46
Wednesday, September 28th, 2016      Leave a Comment
Some wrongly implicated windfarms when the entire state lost power after one of the worst storms in 50 years knocked out high-voltage power pylonsOn Wednesday, something very unusual happened: the entire state of South Australia lost power. Known as a “system black,” it’s something the Australian Energy Market Operator (Aemo) had only prepared for in theory – never having the unfortunate opportunity to put “black start” procedures into place
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2016-09-28 22:47:04