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Your website could be doing a lot more harm to the planet than you think. It might seem like a flash on a screen couldn’t cause much damage, but every small feature of your site has a discernible impact on the environment, with more complex features requiring greater resources to maintain. Over time and in great quantities, it adds up
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2014-12-18 13:22:17
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New Delhi, Dec 11 (PTI) Two private power companies Tata Power and Gamesa Wind Turbine today signed agreements with Russia for greater cooperation in the electricity sector.
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2014-12-11 23:10:11
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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are being touted as having an advantage over battery electric vehicles by virtue of quicker refueling. The capital cost to build a hydrogen refueling station is at least 10 times greater than an equivalent Tesla Supercharger station.
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2014-12-02 09:50:10
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WILTSHIRE Council has approved plans to build an 83 hectare solar farm to power the new technical college at MoD Lyneham. The new farm, which will take up an area greater than 100 football pitches, will consist of around 160,000 solar panels and will ...
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2014-12-02 07:19:04
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This problem may be addressed with enhanced energy storage technology or by developing "hybrid" systems in which one form of renewable energy is ramping up even while the other is declining. "The key to greater use of these and other technologies is to ...
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2014-11-29 03:50:22
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The proposed changes in the Electricity Act, 2003, will have a greater focus on renewable energy with renewable generation obligations likely to be made mandatory for power producers. "We will ensure the renewable generation obligation is enforced strictly ...
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2014-11-25 00:23:29
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Silicon is the second most-abundant element in the earth's crust. When purified, it takes on a diamond structure, which is essential to modern electronic devices—carbon is to biology as silicon is to technology. A team of Carnegie scientists led by Timothy Strobel has synthesized an entirely new form of silicon, one that promises even greater future applications
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2014-11-17 10:11:28
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Savills Energy has called on the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to outline the next steps of its solar strategy in order to unlock greater investment in the commercial rooftop solar market. The UK solar strategy places particular emphasis on ...
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2014-11-14 13:26:01
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Weekly ethanol production will be released this morning with it likely to show a third-week running of greater than 900,000 barrels per day in production. Since Sept 1, ethanol production has been up 4.2% over the same period last year signaling a potential ...
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2014-11-12 08:19:02
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The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an agreement which will establish a renewable energy standard rate adjustment mechanism (RESRAM) charge on the bills of electric customers of KCP&L-Greater Missouri Operations Company ...
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2014-11-07 14:23:53
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Wind turbines across the globe are being made taller to capture more energy from the stronger winds that blow at greater heights.
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2014-11-06 05:10:19
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As more intermittent renewable capacity is added to grid networks around the world, the need for greater system flexibility in order to cope with the variable supply is growing. In parts of the Europe, grid operators complain that balancing the system is becoming more and more difficult as new renewable sources are added, requiring ever more complex management techniques, as well as repeated use
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2014-11-05 09:38:37
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Missouri's energy future is in the hands of a 50 member state steering committee.The Energy Division Director, Lewis Mills, says many of those at these meetings are putting a greater emphasis on alternative energy such as wind and solar."Starting with approximately 80 percent coal, it will take a quite some time to make any substantial moves onto that," said Mills
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2014-11-01 07:49:48
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WYE MILLS — The solar energy project that will soon break ground at Chesapeake College is part of a greater goal of reducing the school’s carbon footprint.
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2014-10-29 06:28:20
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Davy said a second inter-connector could provide significant strategic advantages for Tasmania such as support for further renewable energy development, including increased output from hydropower and wind, as well as greater market competition.
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2014-10-28 01:53:06