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Brits oppose energy developments, while Germans welcome new plants because they bring local benefitsIf you were asked if you wanted a power station to be built in your town or even on your street what would you say? No thanks? Perhaps something stronger.It is not an unreasonable reaction, especially if you feel there is unlikely to be any benefit to the community through cheaper energy prices or local jobs
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2014-10-22 09:57:08
German day-ahead power prices inched higher Monday as wind power output was forecast to dip going into Tuesday ahead of a new surge with Wednesday baseload trading again below Eur30/MWh, sources said. Baseload power for day-ahead delivery ...
USAPlatts via Google News
2014-10-20 07:57:34
OWP Butendiek, a company managed by German wind farm operator wpd, awarded the contract, which is the first inspection and maintenance deal Ballast Nedam has secured outside the Netherlands. The contract runs for five years initially and commences ...
Germanyhydro.cleantechnology-business-review.com via Google News
2014-10-17 02:49:43
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BERLIN (AP) - The cost to Germans of subsidizing renewable energy is set to decline next year for the first time, though the impact on their electricity bills will be only slight. Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has made a priority of stemming the costs of ...
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2014-10-15 06:36:42
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A surcharge included since 2000 on German household power bills to help fund renewable energy will be trimmed for the first time, network companies said on Wednesday. Germany has expanded renewable energy as part of ...
UKReuters via Google News
2014-10-15 06:14:42
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“Due to technical problems when initially establishing the connection between the Trianel wind farm's transformation station and [transmission system operator] TenneT's transformation station DolWin alpha, the connection to the grid is again delayed,” said a ...
UKICIS via Google News
2014-10-14 09:29:57
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The surcharge under the renewable energy act (EEG) will be 6.17 euro cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) in 2015, down from 6.24 cents in 2014, they said. The information came a day ahead of the official announcement of the number by the power transmission ...
UKReuters via Google News
2014-10-14 08:13:18
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Looking back, the inscription “M1″ (for model one) seem an almost prophetic description for the man who is now being called one of the major players in the wind power scene. Stiesdal ... “We are fascinated by the idea of creating an overall concept where the tried and tested wind turbine technology together with innovative storage is connected to the grid only via one high-performance converter
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2014-10-13 10:42:27
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SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in power optimizers, PV inverters, and module-level monitoring services, announced that the German TSG 1899 Hoffenheim football club selected the SolarEdge DC optimized inverter system for the largest PV plant within the “Bundesliga” league. (PRWeb October 12, 2014) Read the full story at http://www
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2014-10-13 00:11:05
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World's fifth largest wind turbine maker Suzlon plans to list its German subsidiary Senvion on the London Stock Exchange through an initial public offer which is likely to garner close to Rs 7,000 crore.
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2014-10-12 00:31:41
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After jostling for heftier capacity installations within the grid-connected system, solar power developers have been flipping their bet next on off-grid areas, primarily in the relatively attractive island domains. German firms which were brought to the country last week with the help of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the German-Philippine Chamber of
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-10-05 11:42:29
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The partnership, which began in 2011 following two years of initial investigations by UB into alternative fuels, has also resulted in the use of new biofuel vehicle management systems from German company Bioltec in 10 of its Mercedes tractor units currently ...
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2014-09-29 03:30:11
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FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany's offshore wind parks, once seen as only for brave investors because of high costs and operational risks, are attracting fresh money after laws were passed to ensure ambitious renewables targets are met.
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2014-09-25 06:53:22
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The Danish citizen is seen as one of the major players in the wind power scene worldwide. The Hamburg-based Qreon GmbH won with its “Q82 wind turbine of 2 MW capacity with integrated energy storage system” the award for product Innovation. The innovative energy storage system supports the power grid and
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2014-09-24 03:55:02
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German day-ahead OTC baseload traded Monday at the highest level since April as wind power output was forecast to plunge from peaks above 13 GW to less than 3 GW Tuesday with a second surge in wind forecast later this week and wind generation ...
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2014-09-22 08:50:54