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The Committee informs that power generation at hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) reached only 386.2 million kWh for Jan-Apr 2014. It was by 20.4% lower than that for Jan-Apr 2013. The share of hydropower that reached 6.63% of total electricity generation ...
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2014-05-20 04:24:30
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TWIN FALLS • Idaho Power will soon begin replacing aging infrastructure at its Shoshone Falls hydroelectric facility, work that will ultimately improve views of the city’s signature feature, the utility said.
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2014-05-19 17:55:00
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Idaho Power announced it's making improvements to the Shoshone Falls hydroelectric facility. The project begins in June and continues through the Fall of 2015. Basically, officials are hoping to provide a better view of the attraction, by making the facility safer ...
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2014-05-19 00:23:36
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho, ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) – Idaho Power will make improvements to its Shoshone Falls hydroelectric facility beginning in June and continuing through fall 2015. The project will not reduce flows over the falls, and the end result will be a better view of the Magic Valley’s most popular scenic attraction
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2014-05-16 17:35:04
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The Latham hydrogen fuel cell maker also posted a first quarter loss of $75.9 million, although most of that was related to an accounting charge related to the change in fair value of stock warrants. Categories: Uncategorized. Print. Larry Rulison ...
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2014-05-14 14:39:05
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GenKey is Plug Power's "turnkey hydrogen fuel cell solution intended to simplify the transition to fuel cells for the customer." The first GenKey site is scheduled to launch this month with Wal-Mart in Pottsville, Pa. Plug Power reported an adjusted net loss of ...
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2014-05-14 10:21:38
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The costs of solar power have kept on falling, in large part thanks to the growth and learning in our successful UK industry. We had forecast solar could be cheaper than onshore wind by 2018, but for this to happen we needed stable policy sustaining a ...
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2014-05-13 08:02:26
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Rising fossil fuel prices and the falling cost of renewable energy spark an interest among Mainers.
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2014-05-13 00:09:08
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Water from the Missouri River flows through Rainbow Dam. NorthWestern Energy has made an offer to buy 11 of PPL Montana's hydroelectric dams including Rainbow and four others near Great Falls. / TRIBUNE PHOTO/LARRY BECKNER ...
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2014-05-12 21:13:20
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The developer of the 150MW Great Bay wind farm, Pioneer Green Energy, has said that any delay to the start of construction of the project, which falls within the restricted area, would mean it would not go ahead. Governor Martin O'Malley, known to be an ...
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2014-05-12 07:46:39
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Nalcor Energy spent $23 million to build a road to Muskrat Falls, and another $83 million to complete excavation work at the site of the massive hydroelectric project, according to information obtained by The Telegram.
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2014-05-12 05:26:47
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The Wasdell Falls 1.6-megawatt hydroelectric power plant is back under construction and expected to be operational by the fall, says the project’s development manager.
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2014-05-10 13:31:39
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The obligation to meet these quotas falls on the refiners and importers of fuel, who must introduce a certain percentage of renewable fuel, usually corn ethanol, into the U.S. market based on the amount of nonrenewable fuel they sell. But some critics of the ...
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2014-05-09 13:09:23
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The time has come for locally produced photovoltaic (PV) cells. The cost continues to fall and is or will be the lowest cost power source in the electrical generation mix. PV power is unique: it works everywhere; is scalable; and lifetime costs and output are ...
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2014-05-08 07:04:24
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The Fort Wayne manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps reported earnings of $1.53 million, or 12 cents a share, a 35 percent decline from the $2.33 million, or 19 cents a share, reported for the same three months of 2013. Sales for the period ended March 31 ...
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2014-05-07 17:50:35