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MUMBAI: Share of sugar companies surged higher in trade following reports that the government may extend subsidy on exports and give incentives for increasing ethanol production. The government had announced sugar subsidy scheme in February.
IndiaEconomic Times via Google News
2014-11-18 03:36:17
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Ethanol activists have found an ally in NASCAR. A few years ago, the competitive racing giant adopted a higher ethanol blended fuel for all of its cars. The transition proved reasonably smooth. And now ethanol enthusiasts are trying to convince fans that they ...
USAThe Detroit News via Google News
2014-11-18 03:23:08
Sugar companies in India has been suffering from increased sugar cane prices and lower realisation on sugar sale as excess sugar production had hit sugar prices in the country. The government is also considering 10 per cent mandatory ethanol blending in ...
IndiaNDTV via Google News
2014-11-18 02:24:40
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East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC, which owns and operates the ethanol plant, plans to integrate renewable diesel production into its product mix by building a new facility capable of generating 3 million gallons of the hydrocarbon fuel per year, with the ability to ...
USAottawaherald.com via Google News
2014-11-17 20:00:33
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Back in the 1970s, the Brazilians reacted to oil shortages by introducing a three-part mandatory program to develop cars that burned neat sugarcane ethanol; to ensure a neat ethanol pump would be available at every filling station nationwide; and that all ...
USAFarm Futures via Google News
2014-11-17 17:03:50
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Recent reports from the University of Nebraska clearly document the impressive economic benefits that occur when the corn, cattle and ethanol industries are efficiently integrated.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-17 16:58:46
Nagpur: Three months after launch ceremony, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Swedish bus maker Scania started the ethanol-run bus's commercial run on Monday with yet another surprise package. Like ethanol fuel, Scania managed to get ...
IndiaTimes of India via Google News
2014-11-17 16:19:17
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A while ago, a reader commented on a story posted to Ethanol Producer Magazine, mentioning that he and other hot rodders are starting to build true ethanol engines that cannot burn even a cup of gasoline and that produce a lot of power from small motors.
USAEthanol Producer Magazine (blog) via Google News
2014-11-17 11:27:16
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The company said the offer from the two companies required approval from a number of parties, including the senior lenders of its ethanol business. As it was unable to reach an agreement among all the parties involved, the negotiations have been ...
UKLondon South East via Google News
2014-11-17 10:07:39
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In the ethanol industry alone, the RFS contributed to nearly 400,000 American jobs, bringing in more than $44 billion in economic activity. Today there are at least 212 ethanol biorefineries across the country and new biofuel production facilities are in the ...
USAagweek.com via Google News
2014-11-17 09:53:42
At least 1.550 tons of sugar and 3.600 cubic metres of ethanol have already been produced in the experimental phase of the Angolan Bio-energy Company (Companhia de Bioenergia de Angola, Biocom), located in the Agro-industrial Park of Capanda, ...
UKInformation service reporting on european and international agricultural policy via Google News
2014-11-17 06:38:54
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The pair said they were hoping to finalise a candidate willing to give the people of Hinchinbrook a stronger voice. “We're looking for candidates who will stand and fight against asset sales or leases, and who will champion ethanol in Hinchinbrook,'' Mr Katter ...
Australianorthweststar.com.au via Google News
2014-11-17 06:07:09
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Butanol is the go-to industrial solvent for products such as lacquers and enamels, but it might also play a substantial role in the production of renewable fuels. Gallon for gallon, it has 30 percent more energy than ethanol and only around 4 percent less energy than a gallon of petroleum-based gasoline
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-17 05:09:47
Companhia de Bioenergia de Angola (Biocom) has produced 1,550 tonnes of sugar and 3,600m³ of ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Carlos Martins, director of Biocom says the company is still testing the machines for processing sugarcane into sugar and ethanol to ...
UKbiofuels-news.com via Google News
2014-11-17 04:21:43
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Most of the ethanol is made from corn, and this artificially raises the cost for drivers because ethanol is less efficient than gasoline and ultimately costs more. Ethanol has also been shown to be harmful to smaller engines. Most important, the mandate drives up ...
USAbeaufortobserver.net via Google News
2014-11-17 00:51:51