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The company, which Forbes estimates has $3.8 billion a year in revenue, also owns an ethanol plant and towboat company in Vicksburg, with more than 250 employees there. It's not clear if the expansion will create any jobs. Ergon did not respond to ...
USAMississippi Business Journal (blog) via Google News
2014-10-14 16:54:32
GranBio Investimentos SA, the Brazilian biotechnology company that opened the southern hemisphere’s first cellulosic ethanol plant last month, is close to announcing a partner for its second facility.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-10-14 16:44:24
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The change from existing ethanol options is inevitable because of its CAFÉ impact, he went on to explain. Cars using E15 require a new type of engine that is smaller, uses direct injection, has an increased compression ratio and is turbo-charged, and car ...
USAbiz.yahoo.com via Google News
2014-10-14 09:09:54
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The suggested framework would include targets for EU transport to encourage the ongoing use of renewable ethanol 'E10' as a transport fuel. It follows a report by the HETFA Research Institute which suggests that the substitution of 10% of all petrol with E10 ...
USAedie.net via Google News
2014-10-14 08:17:23
Former ND ethanol plant a foundation for local entrepreneurs. WALHALLA, N.D. — The former ADM Corn Ethanol Plant, which laid off about 60 people — more than 5 percent of the Walhalla workforce — when it closed in 2012, is slowly coming back to life.
USAPrairie Business via Google News
2014-10-14 07:38:53
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What the federal government ends up doing about the proposed amount of biodiesel and ethanol to be blended into the nation's fuel supply will have an effect on the valuable renewable identification numbers (RINs) used by blenders and fuel producers.
USADomestic Fuel via Google News
2014-10-14 07:28:12
The changes to the EIA's finished balance came about as a result of the decline in MTBE and the rise in ethanol, as the oxygenate of choice. We have compiled a total gasoline balance, but one that also separates the major sources of gasoline supply, namely ...
USAStreetInsider.com (subscription) via Google News
2014-10-14 06:06:12
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There exists a government boondoggle that offends conservatives, liberals, environmentalists, oil refiners, cattle ranchers and taxpayers alike. It's not easy to get that kind of 'Kumbaya' going, but the corn-based ethanol program has done it.
USAHeraldNet via Google News
2014-10-14 02:15:51
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Though the RVO draft stated that its reason for volume cutbacks were based on attempting to address the ethanol blendwall and cut volumes by about six percent, biodiesel took a 50 percent cut in the proposal, which Jobe described as ironic, as “biodiesel ...
USAEthanol Producer Magazine via Google News
2014-10-13 17:08:20
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The EPA said it would consider reducing the amount of ethanol required in motor fuels because of the “blend wall,” the point at which refiners can add no additional corn-based fuel to gasoline without exceeding the safe 10 percent concentration limit.
USAThe Hill (blog) via Google News
2014-10-13 16:02:55
Greenfuel is fighting off allegations that its Chisumbanje ethanol plant is threatening human, animal and aquatic life due to heavy pollution of water sources. Environmental Management Agency (EMA) director general Mutsa Chasi about two weeks ago ...
Pan-AfricaAllAfrica.com via Google News
2014-10-13 14:51:59
On October 6, 2014, DuPont and Proctor & Gamble announced their joint plan to replace currently used corn-based ethanol with cellulosic ethanol in North American Tide® laundry detergent. According to DuPont's press release on the announcement, the ...
USAjdsupra.com via Google News
2014-10-13 14:42:01
The potential investment would create significant value addition by converting petcoke, a by-product in the refining process, to a low-cost, high-octane and clean-burning gasoline blending component (ethanol) and potentially other co-product petrochemical ...
UKhydrocarbonprocessing.com via Google News
2014-10-13 14:38:17
There’s a gigantic disconnect between two sections in the country as to whether the United States should be celebrating the success or the failure of cellulosic biofuels — biofuels made from crop residues, energy crops, and other feedstocks including municipal solid waste, and which feature a 60 percent or greater full-lifecycle reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-10-13 12:38:21
LINDEN, Ind. (WLFI) — Crews were called to an early morning fire at the Valero ethanol plant in Montgomery County Monday. After 1 a.m., a call came in about a fire at the Valero plant, just off of U.S. 231 near Linden. Firefighters from six departments responded to the plant just after 1:30 a.m.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-10-13 12:35:41