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In addition to substantial advantages of the Seigneurie de Beaupré site—namely, the wind and environmental conditions and existing infrastructure—this wind farm benefits from the logistical synergies achieved during construction and those to be achieved ... for tenders issued by Hydro-Québec to purchase a block of wind power with a total installed capacity of 450 megawatts, i
CanadaStockhouse via Google News
2014-11-27 18:02:57
The Obama administration has further delayed its decision on whether to lower the amount of ethanol contained in the US's fuel supply. After months of delay, a final decision was due to be delivered by the end of the year, but the Environmental Protection ...
UKbiofuels-news.com via Google News
2014-11-27 04:17:36
In an onshore wind power plant with an average wind speed of 8.5 meters per second, the energy payback time of a Siemens SWT-3.2-113 wind turbine is 4.5 months. This figure is based on a 20-turbine project, including a 13 kilometer grid transmission ...
Canadaaltenergymag.com via Google News
2014-11-26 16:42:28
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No clucking way. Turkey prices are still higher than average , the American Farm Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics found last week – but don’t blame the Environmental Protection Agency's renewable fuel standard.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-26 12:21:27
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In another sign that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is broken beyond repair, the Environmental Protection Association (EPA) announced that it would not be promulgating its 2014 ethanol volumes. EPA is mandated by law to set ...
USAperishablenews.com via Google News
2014-11-25 14:52:41
Mercury Marine has joined the National Marine Manufacturers Association and others voicing disappointment with the Environmental Protection Agency's announcement Friday to delay until 2015 the final rule that will tell fuel refiners how much ethanol must ...
SpainBYM News (press release) via Google News
2014-11-25 12:23:56
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's decision to postpone the release of its 2014 renewable fuel standard regulations will create uncertainty within the biofuels market and may cause investors to scuttle plans to build refineries in the U.S., biofuel ...
USAENR via Google News
2014-11-25 11:26:09
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Measuring the thickness of Antarctic sea ice, an important gauge of environmental conditions in this remote polar region in a time of global climate change, has proven to be a tricky task. But an underwater robot is providing a nice solution.

UKReuters via Reuters
2014-11-25 03:14:05
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The cost of a house can be counted in dollars, but the construction and running of a house takes a toll on the environment that's harder to measure. Increasing numbers of people are looking to minimize both environmental impact and financial outlay by outfitting their homes with sustainable technology, and the resulting boom in sustainable building is driving new levels of architectural
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-25 03:09:11
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it will delay the 2014 ethanol volume mandate, a move that will continue to affect commodities costs. The announcement was greeted with strong opposition from restaurant industry organizations.
USAFast Casual via Google News
2014-11-25 01:42:11
One of the federal government’s tools to encourage higher volumes of ethanol in gasoline is developing a dull edge. Last Friday the Environmental Protection Agency decided not to finalize the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard by the end of the year. The agency proposed lower renewable fuel volumes to be blended with gasoline in 2014 than even were required in 2013, but the volume of comments on that
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-24 19:01:17
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The untidy politics of ethanol -- an additive that has done a great deal to bolster the corn industry but has fallen short in delivering marketplace innovations -- have bedeviled the Environmental Protection Agency and put Obama at odds with longtime allies on ...
USATidewater Review via Google News
2014-11-24 13:18:02
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it would not finalize the 2014 biofuel volumes required under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Biofuel interests were quick to point out the uncertainty perpetuated by EPA's delay- ...
USANatural Resources Defense Council (blog) via Google News
2014-11-24 11:53:02
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The entire area at the foot of the Oldonyo Lengai (Mountain of God) in the Lake Natron Precinct is described to have great potential for harvesting geothermal energy but environmental concerns stifle the proposed project. Deputy Minister for Energy and ...
Pan-AfricaAllAfrica.com via Google News
2014-11-23 23:32:50
SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon.com Inc., criticized by an environmental group this year for being among the dirtiest technology companies, has pledged to reach 100 percent renewable energy usage for its cloud computing division.
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-11-23 08:54:12