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If cost is a measure of how willing people are to get into alternative fuel vehicles, such as fuel cell vehicles, won't expensive hydrogen fuel effectively cancel out any environmental benefits? We've already discussed how much it costs to power a fuel cell ...
USAThe Green Optimistic via Google News
2014-07-24 20:52:07
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VISALIA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Edeniq, Inc., a biorefining and cellulosic technology company, applauds the recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) publication that corn kernel fiber qualifies as a cellulosic feedstock under the renewable fuel standard (“RFS”) program regulations
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-07-24 07:31:11
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ST. PAUL, Minnesota — Sen. Al Franken says the Obama administration may scale back projected cuts to ethanol and other renewable fuels production. An Environmental Protection Agency proposal for renewable fuel standards would reduce by almost 3 ...
IndiaThe Tribune via Google News
2014-07-24 16:53:15
[Fahamu]Thinking about the problem of climate change in Africa from the angle of low-carbon economy can be useful as it addresses environmental, economic and technological matters of development all at the same time
UKYahoo! News via Yahoo! News
2014-07-24 23:50:34
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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Sen. Al Franken says the Obama administration may scale back projected cuts to ethanol and other renewable fuels production. An Environmental Protection Agency proposal for renewable fuel standards would reduce by almost 3 ...
USASouthernminn.com via Google News
2014-07-24 22:38:55
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The senators said they wanted to discuss “urgent concerns” with the RFS, which requires that diesel and gasoline refiners mix a certain amount of renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol into their traditional fuels each year. The Environmental ...
USAThe Hill via Google News
2014-07-24 09:35:42
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The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized rules that create a program to address fraud in the biodiesel credit marketplace and add new technologies to its list of approved renewable fuels. The fraud rule is designed to protect from liability biofuel ...
USAttnews.com via Google News
2014-07-23 16:13:46
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A Solar power expert and former Government adviser is to throw light on how renewable energy can reshape the new housing and building landscape at a specialist advice and guidance event. Ray Noble, who has assisted the development of the UK's Solar ...
UKbdaily.info via Google News
2014-07-23 08:34:41
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“With American Ethanol spokesman Austin Dillon firmly in the spotlight, Eldora provides a great platform to get our message about the environmental and economic benefits ethanol offers all Americans to a broader audience. The buzz continues to grow.
USADomestic Fuel via Google News
2014-07-23 08:03:55
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The social and environmental, as well as economic, benefits of making greater use of clean, renewable energy are clear as day, whatever your opinion about climate change and our role in causing it. With performance and reliability steadily improving, costs ...
USAMotley Fool via Google News
2014-07-22 10:23:22
“The VEETC expiring, five years ago that was seen to be a fool's errand,” said Scott Faber, vice president of governmental affairs for Environmental Working Group, which has issued a study finding that use of corn ethanol actually increases greenhouse gases ...
USAPlatts (blog) via Google News
2014-07-21 23:04:11
On July 14, 2014, EPA announced recipients of funding to develop and commercialize innovative, sustainable technologies to address current environmental issues. Among the recipients were the following companies pursuing biobased products:.
USAjdsupra.com via Google News
2014-07-21 16:12:52
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(Reuters) - New York state environmental regulators are proposing shutting the giant Indian Point nuclear power plant to protect fish in the Hudson River during summer months, when demand for electricity for air-conditioning is greatest.

UKReuters via Reuters
2014-07-21 13:08:30
Interesting to see that the Hong Kong government is to commission a study into the costs and benefits of using biodiesel fuel with a view to blending it with fossil diesel. Why the government is embarking on this study is not wholly clear since the Environmental ...
Hong KongSouth China Morning Post (subscription) via Google News
2014-07-21 11:08:21
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22,000 MW solar power capacity by 2022, a dedicated national-level program for promoting wind energy generation, implementation of the world's largest solar power projects (with capacity of up to 4,000 MW), covering canals with solar panels, implementing ...
USAcleantechnica.com via Google News
2014-07-20 15:05:55