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As with battery electric cars, a major challenge for fuel-cell automakers is a lack of infrastructure, with few hydrogen fuel stations in the world. Estimates vary, but it costs about $2 million to build a single hydrogen fuel station in the United States, according to ...
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2014-04-19 00:27:22
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How about solar power, the most plentiful and renewable of all power — and one that is highly available to Floridians? The costs associated with its collection have been steadily dropping to the point that solar is competitive with polluting fossil fuels.
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2014-04-18 16:40:40
The economics of combating climate change may depend on an underfunded technology. When it comes to technology for averting climate change, renewable energy often gets the limelight. But a relatively neglected technology—capturing carbon dioxide from power plants—could have a far bigger impact on the economics of dealing with climate change, according to a U
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2014-04-18 16:08:54
And it seems that Toyota are prepared the bite the bullet to get hydrogen fuel cell cars accepted by the motoring public and, despite initial estimates that a Toyota FCEV would cost in the region of £100k, it seems Toyota are planning to pitch the price in ...
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2014-04-18 04:26:08
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Windham Energy Commission has partnered with Sagewell, a leader in thermal image analyses and reporting, to provide Windham homeowners with a no-cost thermal image report to see where their home is losing energy. Thermal Image reports use colors to provide visual evidence of heat loss from a home.
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2014-04-17 18:18:23
... power stations combined with gas. Considering two decades of plummeting costs for wind and photovoltaic power, Agora looked at how wind and solar systems now compare to other CO2-free technologies (nuclear power and carbon capture and storage).
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2014-04-17 15:33:33
Environmentally compatible production methods for organic solar cells from novel materials are in the focus of "MatHero". The new project coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) aims at making organic photovoltaics competitive to their inorganic counterparts by enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cells, reducing their production costs and increasing their life-time
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2014-04-16 10:03:40
The new development should help to cut down on costs and/or the use of toxic chemicals in the paper and biofuel industries — thereby helping to reduce the pollution that typically accompanies these industries. Shawn Mansfield. Researchers have ...
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2014-04-16 05:58:26
Engineers have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently. The researchers have created for the first time compounds made from mixtures of calcium hexaboride, strontium and barium hexaboride. They also have demonstrated that the compounds could be manufactured using a simple, low-cost manufacturing method known as combustion synthesis
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2014-04-16 02:18:12
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The continuing shifting relationships between ethanol, corn and gasoline are the subject of two analyses done by Iowa agricultural economists for the AgMarketing Resource Center newsletter. Don Hofstrand takes a look at the increase in corn production cost ...
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2014-04-15 23:45:33
Green Products -  Save Money & Energy
SHANGHAI, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. (the "Company", or "Hanwha SolarOne"), a top-10 global photovoltaic manufacturer of high-quality, cost-competitive solar modules, today announced its Chairman and CEO Ki-Joon ...
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2014-04-15 19:03:16
SPI Solar ("SPI") (Solar Power, Inc.) is a vertically integrated photovoltaic solar developer offering its own brand of high-quality, low-cost distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy facility development services. From project development, to project ...
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2014-04-15 15:05:17
Get the latest information on the new rail tank car standards and regulations and how they will impact capacity, efficiencies and costs of transporting flammable liquids, like crude and ethanol. (PRWeb April 15, 2014) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/04/prweb11762569.htm
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2014-04-15 09:29:43
Zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell systems soon could be powering the forklifts used in warehouses and other industrial settings at lower costs and with faster refueling times than ever before, courtesy of a partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers (HHC).
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2014-04-15 09:18:27
SHANGHAI, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. (the "Company", or "Hanwha SolarOne"), a top-10 global photovoltaic manufacturer of high-quality, cost-competitive solar modules, today announced that it filed its annual report on Form ...
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2014-04-15 06:47:19