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The global cumulative installed capacity of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules will more than treble from 135.66 Gigawatts (GW) in 2013 to 413.98 GW by 2020, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company's latest report* states that ...
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2014-11-25 10:20:42
A southeastern Oklahoma wind farm is providing Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation with 150 megawatts of potential wind energy through a long-term power purchase agreement.
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2014-11-25 12:51:09
All figures are in megawatts (MW). "Solar" is actually only utility-scale solar (projects above 5 MW in size). Given that much of the country's solar power capacity is from residential and commercial projects on rooftops, this massively underrepresents solar ...
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2014-11-24 14:01:51
Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp., the power arm of PHINMA Corp., is mulling over the plan to expand its Guimaras wind project, which is expected to start contributing 54 megawatts (MW) of power capacity in the Visayas region any time soon.Already completed, Trans-Asia’s 54-MW wind farm in San Lorenzo, Guimaras includes installation of 27 wind turbines, with a capacity of 2 MW each
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2014-11-24 12:13:22
According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects, wind power provided over two-thirds (68.41 percent) of new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October 2014. Specifically, five wind farms in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Texas came on line last month, accounting for 574 MW of new capacity
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2014-11-24 10:38:39
The Odisha government has been directed by the central government to set up 500 solar photovoltaic power projects. NTPC has already signed agreements with Andhra Pradesh to set up 1 GW capacity and Madhya Pradesh to set up 750 MW of solar PV projects. As these agreements have been signed directly with NTPC, it is likely that these projects would be separate from the solar power project auctions that many states plan to conduct
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2014-11-23 04:48:29
GE recently commissioned 1 GW (Gigawatt) wind power project in Brazil. GE connected 381 wind turbines to the Grid in Brazil that provides 600 MW (MegaWatt) of power capacity. 184 of these were connected in a record time of one week for a wind farm ...
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2014-11-22 13:22:03
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The Forest Service notes that excessive sediment from post-fire erosion can “block culverts and impact water quality in streams and reservoirs, which could lead to flooding, road closures, decreased water storage capacity and loss of hydroelectric generation.”.
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2014-11-21 16:53:52
The Bacon-Manito (BacMan) geothermal facility in Bicol will run at full output by next summer, when the anticipated power crisis hits Luzon, Energy Development Corp. (EDC) executive vice president Ernesto B. Pantangco said in a text message. EDC earlier ...
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2014-11-21 11:13:52
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The facts and figures covering the power we generate from wind need to be exposed. A least the solar energy enthusiasts regularly tell us just how enormous their capacity is, but the wind business seems more withdrawn, despite the fabulous energy available and its long history.
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2014-11-21 03:13:42
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Renewables star Brazil is now backtracking towards fossil fuels. Why, when wind could provide vital jobs?
Brazil has made huge strides in divesting from fossil fuels. In 2009 the country produced a staggering 85% of its electricity from renewable resources. Nearby Argentina hit just 29.2%, while renewably generated electricity is a scant 19
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2014-11-21 03:00:05
... Landscape and Key Country Analysis to 2020 discusses the global offshore wind power market, including historical and forecast installed capacity, the market shares of offshore wind turbine manufacturers, and information on offshore project developers. The report also discusses major trends and market forces in the offshore wind power industry
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2014-11-20 23:01:55
Nevertheless, the lower-then-expected R$215/MWh average price for solar at October's reserve auction also had surprised analysts. The Brazil Wind Power Association is optimistic about the upcoming auction and continues to forecast 2GW of wind capacity ...
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2014-11-19 13:09:36
The sale, with PPL Corporation's net proceeds at approximately $890 million, included 11 hydroelectric power plants with a total generating capacity of over 630 megawatts and the Hebgen Lake reservoir, stated the release. The release reported that the sale ...
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2014-11-19 08:23:01
NorthWestern Energy has completed acquisition of 11 hydroelectric facilities with a total capacity of 633MW and Hebgen Lake storage reservoir, from PPL Montana for a cash consideration of $900m. Northwestern Energy Supply vice president John Hines ...
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2014-11-19 04:49:53