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The UK’s electricity grid is having to work harder than ever to ensure that there is enough power to go around this winter as old power stations close down or need repairing, with little spare generating capacity to make up any shortfalls. That places a bigger burden on renewables – wind power could make a good contribution in a windy winter, but nothing is generated when the wind drops, and solar power is limited in the dark days of winter
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2015-11-22 15:30:16
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Treasury unexpectedly axes incentive for building new renewable energy sources, on top of previously announced subsidy cutsThe government plans to cut tax reliefs for community energy schemes to build new renewable power capacity such as solar and wind in a move that will deal a further blow to the UK’s embattled renewables sector, green campaigners have warned
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2015-10-28 12:01:01
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The grid says electricity margins will be ‘tight but manageable’ and has asked companiesto be ready to cut output at peak timesNational Grid has said it is more likely to draw on additional sources of power to keep the country’s electricity running after the chance of blackouts rose to its highest in a decade
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2015-10-15 06:26:10
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BEIJING (Reuters) - China has raised its solar power installation target for 2015 by 30 percent from its previous goal, state media reported, potentially adding to overcapacity as insufficient grid capacity remains a hurdle for the new plants to deliver power.

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2015-10-08 06:58:35
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Nuclear power may be necessary to limit climate change, but this is the wrong nuclear optionThe case for decarbonising power supplies in order to limit climate change is now beyond challenge. The best way of doing it is as contentious as ever. Every option – carbon capture and storage to reduce coal-fired power stations’ emissions, expanding wind and solar power, developing other renewables such as tidal power, cutting consumption and bringing new nuclear capacity on stream – each has its own daunting problems, although some look a lot cheaper to fix than others
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2015-09-21 13:47:25
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LONDON (Reuters) - Global nuclear power generation capacity could increase by more than 45 percent in the next 20 years but the pace of growth will still fall short of what is needed to curb climate change, an industry organization report showed on Thursday.
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2015-09-10 05:04:37
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Before the end of 2015 at least 80 new wind turbines will rise up, increasing capacity by a third, reports De StandaardWind turbines are under construction everywhere. In the coming months they will be unmissable along Flemish roads, as an unprecedented building boom breaks out, a survey by De Standaard and green power companies reveals
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2015-08-20 10:03:46
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Germany drives bumper year for European offshore wind in 2015, installing three times more capacity than current leader, the UKEurope’s offshore wind power industry has set a record for its biggest ever year just six months into 2015. The biggest factor was a huge jump in turbines in German waters connecting to the grid, with Germany installing three times more electricity-generating capacity than the continent’s current leader, the UK
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2015-07-30 04:10:19
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Clinton’s first climate change policy pitch – for renewables to provide 33% of the nation’s electricity by 2027 – is bold, but the US must look beyond solar for a clean energy revolutionOn Sunday, Hillary Clinton took a first swing at the many-headed carbon hydra. By the end of her first term, she said, the US would have seven times more solar energy capacity than it does today
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2015-07-28 08:03:32
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New high for clean energy generation beckons as heatwave continuesSunny weather and a recent surge in solar panel installations means that solar power could provide a record 15% of the UK’s electricity on Friday afternoon.Torrid heat tends to slightly reduce solar panels’ generating capacities, and with fresher conditions forecast across much of the UK, the amount of solar in the electricity mix could reach a new peak at 2pm tomorrow
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2015-07-02 10:51:21
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The Abbott government is paying lip service to the renewable energy industry because it knows speaking its mind would be unpalatable to the publicEven to a long-term student of political ventriloquy, the Abbott government’s capacity to speak out of both sides of its mouth on climate policy is astonishing
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2015-06-19 04:03:27
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UK leads European solar energy expansion to help renewables overtake output of nuclear power as industry leaders hail ‘tipping point’ for the technology
A record amount of solar power was added to the world’s grids in 2014, pushing total cumulative capacity to 100 times the level it was in 2000
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2015-06-09 11:11:00