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Although Manchester has a few high-profile solar-power installations atop its millyard buildings, it’s not usually thought of as a solar-power leader. But a new national survey says the city is doing better than you think: Manchester is ranked 28th in the country in terms of photovoltaic output per person, ahead of some sun-drenched places like Orlando, Fla
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2014-04-18 12:35:21
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Steve Farris runs a $33 billion Texas oil and gas company and turns, for advice, to a bearded Vermont environmentalist. As other energy firms battled climate change and anti-pollution activists in recent years, the Apache Corp chief executive instead built an alliance with Steven Heim, managing director of Boston Common Asset Management, one of the better-known socially responsible investment
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2014-04-18 06:00:00
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Providing Technical Assistance and Analysis to Support Solar at Federally-Assisted Housing: The Climate Action Plan calls for a target of 100 megawatts of installed capacity of renewable energy on-site at federally subsidized housing by 2020. The 100 ...
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2014-04-17 21:22:32
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The White House launched a program to encourage federal agencies, military installations, and publicly-subsidized buildings in the Washington area to install more solar panels read more
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2014-04-17 18:27:23
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Tioga Energy Inc, the California company that installed and maintained solar power systems on public schools, libraries and other municipal government buildings across the county, has been failed for near a year to cover all of the payments on the authority's remaining $13 million of debt for construction of the energy collection systems
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2014-04-17 16:55:51
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For some parts of the United States, such as Upper Michigan, the winter of 2013-14 was the coldest in recorded history. In Marquette, for example, the average temperature was a tundra-like 7.5 degrees. Well, what if I told you that it’s possible to cut your building’s energy use (in some cases b
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2014-04-17 07:41:02
"High Plains Bioenergy is a renewable energy company focused on producing as well as using high-quality alternative fuels for the Seaboard Foods integrated food system," said Seaboard Foods President and CEO, Terry Holton. "High Plains Bioenergy ...
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2014-04-16 23:57:12
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... the amount of energy the sun shines down on it still greatly exceeds current and projected power consumption. Harnessing solar power is possible without any impact on land use by using photovoltaic panel systems that can be mounted on top of buildings.
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2014-04-16 21:22:33
Energy company Nextera has been given the green light to start building a 92-turbine industrial wind farm in Lambton and Middlesex counties.
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2014-04-16 17:24:32
SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors asked staffers Wednesday to review the county building code for possible changes that would promote more energy-saving and “green” designs. The county already waived permit fees for home solar systems, …
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2014-04-16 15:49:10
daily apple rumors 300x180 Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Buys Oregon Hydroelectric Project Committed: A project to build a hydroelectric generating facility near a new Apple (AAPL) data center in Oregon has been taken over by the iPhone-maker, The ...
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2014-04-16 12:18:23
RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil's state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA and Japanese trading house Mitsui Corp will study building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the country's southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, to supply more fuel for local manufacturers and power generators.
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2014-04-16 11:17:13
According to data released today by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a growing sector of the industry has reached a major milestone, with 5 million square feet of building-integrated solar air heating collectors now installed in North America. (PRWeb April 16, 2014) Read the full story at http://www
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2014-04-16 10:08:23
Green Products -  Save Money & Energy
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(Phys.org) —A new study shows that soybean plants can be redesigned to increase crop yields while requiring less water and helping to offset greenhouse gas warming. The study is the first to demonstrate that a major food crop can be modified to meet multiple goals at the same time.
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2014-04-16 06:44:56
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BA chooses Essex site for biofuel plant. Author - Rob Gill - 16 Apr 2014. British Airways has selected a site in Essex to build its ground-breaking Green Sky London environmental project to create biofuel for its aircraft. The airline intends to use the site at ...
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2014-04-16 04:02:36