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ST-JOHN'S, Jan. 20, 2014 /CNW/ - The Research & Development Corporation (RDC) is investing $2.4 million in 11 research and development (R&D) projects that capitalize on Newfoundland and Labrador's proximity to a harsh, ocean environment. Through strategic investments in R&D, we are enhancing the province's reputation as a centre of excellence for research in Arctic and other harsh environments
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2014-01-20 11:00:00
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Spot ethanol in Chicago and New York gain on concerns about supply, with U.S. inventories low while an arctic blast closed some plants and delayed shipments.
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2014-01-06 13:13:06
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Action on climate change would wipe billions off oil company balance sheets and they are determined to silence their critics I've heard it said by Greenpeace old hands that when they first arrived in the Russian Arctic back in the 1980s, Russian fishermen would shower them with gifts. They found it acutely embarrassing
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2013-12-20 01:36:13
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In this Aug, 16, 2005, file photo an iceberg melts in Kulusuk, Greenland, near the arctic circle. / By John Mcconnico, AP Most Americans say global warming is serious and want the United States to address it, but their support for government regulations has fallen in recent years, says a poll out Friday conducted for USA TODAY
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2013-12-20 00:14:15
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Nordex SE (NDX1) , a German wind-turbine maker, will build and maintain a wind farm in Finland north of the Arctic Circle. Nordex signed an agreement with Impax Asset Management Group Plc (IPX) to supply nine 3-megawatt machines to the Jukhaisselka project in Lapland near the town of Sodankyla next year, the Hamburg-based company said in a statement
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2013-12-19 05:09:12
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OSLO (Reuters) - A thaw of Arctic ice and snow is linked to worsening summer heatwaves and downpours thousands of miles south in Europe, the United States and other areas, underlying the scale of the threat posed by global warming, scientists said on Sunday.
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2013-12-08 12:06:17
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The American Petroleum Institute and other oil industry groups criticized the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's proposal fo - More -  Perfectly Balancing Man & Technology for Confined Spaces Total Safety's centralized confined space monitoring system utilizes advanced real-time technology and trained technicians to provide operators with enhanced safety tools, recorded access data entry
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2013-12-05 08:24:43
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An Alaska scientist who gained fame in 2011 due to his observations of drowned polar bears, findings that helped galvanize the global warming movement, has retired as part of a settlement with a federal agency.
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2013-12-04 15:41:42
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Ph.D. student Karita Negandhi and professor Isabelle Laurion from INRS'Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre, in collaboration with other Canadian, U.S., and French researchers, have been studying methane emissions produced by thawing permafrost in the Canadian Arctic. These emissions are greatly underestimated in current climate models
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2013-11-18 16:51:33
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It was the evidence that climate change sceptics loved to cite. While the scientific community’s warnings about global warming had become ever more convincing, the critics pointed time and again to graphs showing the rise in the world’s average surface temperatures has slowed down since 1998 – a fact extensively interpreted by many vocal opponents as a fundamental failure in the basic science of climate change
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2013-11-17 15:08:36
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Iceland is cultivating alternative energy and attracting brilliant minds to replicate the process. Bordering the arctic circle, Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe -- and many of the most active volcanoes in the world.
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2013-11-09 16:51:55
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LONDON (Reuters) - The perils of the new Arctic shipping route, warmed by climate change, may diminish with a British-Russian radio navigation initiative, under development to shore up vulnerable satellite-based alternatives.
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2013-11-06 09:07:01
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The Arctic offers a huge growth runway for American oil production and a strong counterpoint for those who believe in Peak Oil. The Arctic is just one of many plays America has the potential to see continued production from -- the Gulf also has some promise.
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2013-10-26 10:13:28
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The drive to prospect oil and gas in the Arctic is propelling plans in Russia for a fleet of floating nuclear power plants, despite financing problems and delays.        
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2013-10-23 15:28:30