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OSLO (Reuters) - Polar bear populations are likely to fall by more than 30 percent by around mid-century as global warming thaws Arctic sea ice, experts said on Thursday in the most detailed review of the predators to date.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-18 18:07:45
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Eight oil and gas majors will meet in Paris to flesh out proposals for a move towards cleaner energy. Carbon pricing is a start but a firm list of more ambitious commitments could be transformational From Brent Spar to the Arctic 30 protesters, oil and gas companies have traditionally been regarded as the environment movement’s most implacable foes
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-10-16 00:30:04
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The melting of the Arctic permafrost and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere will alone add an extra $43 trillion (£33tn) cost of climate change to the global economy by the end of the next century, scientists have calculated.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-09-21 10:22:04
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KOTZEBUE, Alaska (Reuters) - President Barack Obama got a taste of the U.S. Arctic on Wednesday, dropping in to two remote fly-in native villages in a journey the White House hopes will show how climate change is affecting Americans.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-09-03 06:42:43
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ANCHORAGE/JUNEAU Alaska (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit a community north of the Arctic Circle, a trek the White House hopes will bring into focus how climate change is affecting Americans.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-09-02 06:21:37
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Barack Obama has been accused of contradicting his commitment to tackle climate change after Royal Dutch Shell was granted the final permit required for deep drilling into possible oil reserves in the Arctic.

UKThe Independent via The Independent
2015-08-17 18:43:06
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OSLO (Reuters) - The United States, Russia and other Arctic nations signed an agreement on Thursday to bar their fishing fleets from fast-thawing seas around the North Pole, an agreement delayed more than a year by tensions over Ukraine.The accord, also signed in Oslo by the ambassadors of Canada, Norway and Denmark, is a response to global warming, which is melting sea ice in the central Arctic Ocean, an area the size of the Mediterranean
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-07-16 13:03:41
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(Reuters) - U.S. wildlife managers released on Thursday a draft plan for stemming the decline of polar bears threatened by melting Arctic sea ice linked to global warming, but the proposal hinges on reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that are far from assured.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-07-02 21:52:04
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(Reuters) - Imperiled polar bears will see a population crash in most parts of the Arctic Ocean if global greenhouse gas emissions continue at current rates, causing accelerated melting of the sea ice the bruins depend on for survival, U.S. scientists said on Wednesday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-07-01 17:15:40