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Africa climate business plan, emphasising clean energy, efficient farming and urban protection, will be launched by World Bank chief at Paris climate talksThe World Bank has devised a $16bn (£10.6bn) strategy designed to help Africa adapt to climate change and prevent millions of people from sliding into poverty
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-11-25 10:35:09
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GENEVA (Reuters) - This year will be the hottest on record and 2016 could be even hotter due to the El Niño weather pattern, the World Meteorological Organization said on Wednesday, warning that inaction on climate change could see global average temperatures rise by 6 degrees Celsius or more.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 12:12:26
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The fate of 70 million people rests on what happens to the Mekong river. With world leaders meeting in Paris next week for crucial UN climate talks, John Vidal journeys down south-east Asia’s vast waterway – a place that encapsulates some of the dilemmas they must solve. He meets people struggling to deal with the impact of climate change as well as the ecological havoc created by giant dams, deforestation, coastal erosion and fast-growing cities Continue reading
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-11-25 22:30:16
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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has scrapped plans to spend up to 1 billion pounds ($1.5 billion) to help commercialize the technology for capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and storing them underground, the government said on Wednesday, putting two major projects at risk of being canceled
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 12:10:39
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OSLO (Reuters) - A rise in world carbon dioxide emissions almost stalled last year for the first time in almost two decades without a recession, in a promising step towards cleaner economic growth, a study showed on Wednesday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 11:10:11
PARIS (Reuters) - A group of 39 French firms with combined revenue of about 1.2 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion) pledged on Thursday to invest at least 45 billion euros from 2016 to 2020 in renewable energy and low carbon technologies.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-26 01:43:48
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In August, the government announced plans to cut subsidies for rooftop solar by almost 90% in the new year. We asked 20 people affected to share their response to the cuts with us Continue reading...
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-11-26 02:00:11
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TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Scientists are making progress in harnessing electricity from algae in what could be a breakthrough in green-energy technology to combat climate change, although mass-market applications are years away, new research suggests.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 19:23:25
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BOSTON (Reuters) - In a setback for Franklin Resources Inc that could have implications for other asset managers, a U.S. regulator declined to let the California company skip a shareholder vote over its record on climate change, according to materials provided by activists on Wednesday.
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LA PAZ (Reuters) - Bolivia's President Evo Morales leaves no doubt about who he blames for global warming.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 12:57:23
PARIS (Reuters) - Early this year, France's state energy and environment agency was set to publish a study that found the country could realistically abandon nuclear reactors and rely completely on renewable power in decades to come.

UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 09:55:54
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union will negotiate day and night at U.N. talks on global warming in Paris to ensure a robust deal, followed up with regular reviews to cap temperature rises at 2 degrees Celsius, the bloc's climate boss said on Wednesday.
UKReuters via Reuters
2015-11-25 09:32:10
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Obama pledged to support biofuels but now he appears to be backtracking – that is worrying to those of us who work in the industryThere is no question that the world faces a tremendous challenge in confronting the threat of climate change. I am confident that the world’s innovators can create the energy technologies necessary to reduce emissions and meet the climate challenge
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-11-25 09:23:10
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In a relatively low-key exchange at prime minister’s questions on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn questions David Cameron on the government’s environment policy, including support for solar panels and wind turbines. Corbyn also asks Cameron ‘why one third of those referred to women’s refuges in England are now being turned away’Live updates: prime minister’s questions and the Autumn spending review Continue reading
UKGuardian Unlimited via Guardian Unlimited
2015-11-25 07:11:49